With "Intelligent Automation Systems"; With the OLIPTEK brand; We had a nice interview before the fair with Özcan KARS, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Digital Engineering, who will meet with visitors at Istanbul Building 2019 with "Smart City Lighting Systems", "Smart Parking Guidance Systems", "Smart Lighting Systems", "Wireless Sensor Systems" Architectural Exterior Lighting Systems range with "Mesh Bar", "LED Bar" and "Mesh Pixel" products.

In short, can you tell us about Digital Engineering?

Digital Engineering, founded in 2008 by electronics and computer engineers in the field of electronics, is an engineering company operating in the building façade lighting systems, parking guidance systems, LED display systems, smart city lighting systems, architectural lighting and outdoor advertising sectors with the brand "Oliptek".

We started our journey by producing project-based solutions for the entertainment industry and continued our journey by providing interactive software and hardware services for TV shows and competitions. In the future, we have added LED display information boards that can be managed from a single center to be used in areas such as banks and factories.

As a continuation of our projects in almost all provinces from east to west, north to south of Turkey, we continue our projects in the fields of architectural exterior lighting systems, LED display systems, smart city lighting systems in the Middle East, America and Africa. Since the day we were founded, we have been producing LED-based automation systems for use in the open-air advertising sector and we continue our way by adding a new country and project to our portfolio every day.

We continue to serve our customers abroad by expanding the product range of our building façade lighting systems, which we started production in 2011.

With the "Smart Automation Systems" we have included in our service areas in 2017; We focused on the production of "Mesh Bar", "LED Bar" and "Mesh Pixel" in the range of "Smart City Lighting Systems", "Smart Parking Guidance Systems", "Smart Lighting Systems", "Wireless Sensor Systems" Architectural Exterior Lighting Systems.

You said that you had projects that you carried out not only at home but also abroad. Can you briefly tell us about these projects? Since 2012, our projects in various European countries were followed by the giant LED display application in U.S.A Florida in 2015.Then, in 2018, we realized our totem LED display project in Los Angeles. We first started production in Turkey in 2011 and moved our mesh LED exterior lighting systems to the North African Region in 2017 with our projects in Morocco and Algeria. Following our reference projects in North Africa, we carried out projects in Europe using our mesh pixel products.
In the coming period, we aim to increase our existing penetration in these regions by participating in international fairs, to expand to new markets and to expand our customer portfolio.

You are signing a first in Turkey by introducing your domestic production two-way MESH BAR product with OLIPTEK brand. Can you tell us a little bit about MESH BAR?

Applications produced using LED technologies save energy from 50% to 70%. Exterior animated LED lighting produced with Mesh Bar technology are especially preferred applications in terms of energy saving. Lighting applications with Mesh Bar reveal the architectural features of the buildings, making the structure more remarkable. The system can be controlled with DMX lighting control systems and functions such as lighting color change, on-off and animation can be easily managed thanks to this system. Mesh Bar applications also serve as a display, allowing for more powerful and engaging narratives.

The two-way MESH Bar produced by our company in Turkey stands out with its domestic production feature and bears the signature of a "Turkish Brand". We are excited and happy to launch our "Mesh Bar" product, which we will exhibit together with the brand "OLIPTEK" at the 42nd Building Fair held between June 18th and 22nd this year.

With the two-way MESH Bar technology, our mesh screen, which we apply between the minarets of The Great Camlica Mosque, which is the largest mosque project in the history of the republic, provides images from two directions at the same time, while one face is 840 m² and broadcasts with a total of 1680 m² of image.

You mentioned that you attach great importance to Smart City Lighting Systems, which are among your fields of activity. What are the contributions of smart lighting systems to human life?

While smart city lighting systems used in cities save energy, there are advantages that we can summarize such as creating livable living spaces for people in the city, providing safe transportation and driving on highways and urban roads, transforming public spaces into living spaces, increasing safety in living spaces such as homes, workplaces and city centers, and improving the quality of life of people living in the city.

Smart City Lighting Systems are used in places whose density changes during the day such as shopping mall, highway, parking lot, square, underpass, park and tunnel. The control of Smart City Lighting Systems through a centralized system allows for lighting savings or complete shutdown of park and area lighting when there is no pedestrian traffic. Intelligent city lighting systems that save up to 60% energy have become indispensable technologies of city life today.

What are the innovative solutions you bring to the industry?

As a company, we support domestic production and contribute to the economy of our country by providing employment.

We have made and will continue to make investments in R&D in order to ensure the continuity of domestic production in the period since we were founded.

When we compare our own products and products in Europe, we clearly see that the production quality of our company is of European standards and our production costs are lower than products of European origin.

We see that this difference we are talking about provides an advantage in terms of competition in foreign markets. Every day we attribute the development of our customer portfolio abroad to our superiority in this regard.



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