In this issue, we talked about their work with Emre CESUR, head of Foreign Trade at Light34, which is the lighting solution partner of important projects abroad. Light34 is now a brand that has used products in 21 countries, produced solutions and became a family with its customer.

First of all, can you briefly tell us about your company?

Light34 lighting is a lighting company that started its lighting activities 7 years ago, mainly manufactures Exterior Lighting products and provides project solutions. In addition to bollard lighting products used in lighting poles, park/garden and landscape lighting, we have special design lighting products that we produce according to demand. Sometimes this is a special decorative lighting pole used in an 8m-sized mall or various products used in a whole park lighting. We are a domestic brand that designs and develops products according to the demands of customers.

As a company, we positioned ourselves as a brand that offers lighting solutions in projects abroad. We increase our experience with various overseas projects that we take part in in accordance with our purpose and develop the services we provide to our customers as solution partners. We define ourselves as an exporting company. In this seven-year period, our export rate surpasses 70 percent of our turnover; Exports have gone from being targets to a movement that defines our company's trade policy. For this reason, our focus in our promotion and marketing activities has become abroad.

So are there any domestic demands?

Of course it's happening. We have collaborations with companies that have proven themselves and developed qualified projects. It's hard for us to be involved in every project. Our first goal is to work in projects where we can add value with companies whose priority is quality. We are a company that continuously follows technology and makes R&D in order to develop suitable products. We are improving ourselves in the technical and mechanical field by keeping up with the technology that is constantly developing in our sector and following the studies carried out. We aim to carry our experiences abroad to domestic projects.

In which countries have you carried out projects abroad?

We export our domestic manufacturing lighting products to 21 different countries abroad. In addition, we deliver our products to countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, France and Italy, where we work constantly with European countries, neighboring countries, Turki republics, Qatar, Bahrain, S.Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Israel. We improve ourselves every day with requests from different geographies and countries. Our search for a new market continues.

What is the common criterion in your projects? How were you following the process?

Thanks to the good relations, product quality and solution-oriented approach in the projects we have done in the past, our customers contact us again. In addition to the increase in awareness rate of the Light34 brand, the special products developed by following the trends in the lighting sector make it easier for our customers to reach us. Naturally, the customer's attention and attention is focused on us. When we look at the companies that do quality-oriented business in the world, you see that it has come to a place thanks to quality and special products. First of all, I can tell you that we are a company that is doing it right. This is the biggest factor in our choice. We want our company to tell our products, our projects, not ourselves. When a project arrives, we ask our customer to share all the details. We examine where to illuminate, the model of the products to be used, the features and the content of the project. Then we do the preliminary work of the project. The first thing we do is decide on the project or product concept. We ask which products the customer will prefer here as classic, modern or decorative. We take care to move forward in the lighting work by adhering to the customer's demands. Sometimes we offer changes according to the environment and project conditions according to the product characteristics and the environment to be illuminated with additions. We help our customers from the transfer of our products to customs procedures, if they are to be assembled. This allows you to do long-term work. As Light34, we want to be a company of their choice in their projects with our customers. It is easier to solve problems with our mutual trust-based approach. Here, the customer's view of you also changes. People abroad don't evaluate events like the domestic market. After a while with the client, you're like family. Now it's second to none for you. Good communication benefits both sides in both the solution of the problems encountered and the progress of the project.

What are the most paying attention to customers abroad?

Another issue that makes our company different is that it has an innovative feature in design. Light34 is a company that develops its projects with a good design team. Everyone has the ability to manufacture and market. Design is a matter that requires time and dedication. If you do not have this ability, it is very difficult to succeed in incoming projects. Customers abroad are primarily interested in our designs. Our product range and design support are one of the most important elements that separate us from our competitors. You can be an innovative and sector-leading company in the sector by going beyond standard products. Sometimes we differentiating the products by going through the customer's designs. Unfortunately, there are many companies in the world that make the same type of products. Since we act outside the standard, the customer can say, 'We have not seen this product.'

We differentiating the products by moving through the designs of the customer. Unfortunately, there are many companies in the world that make the same type of products. Since we act outside the standard, the customer can say, 'We have not seen this product.'

Another issue is the necessity to consider the environment and weather conditions when producing outdoor lighting products. We produce our products in accordance with humid and hot climatic conditions. It is imperative to produce in accordance with high mechanical properties against extreme heat, windy, humid and sandstorms. You have to take into account the finest details, from the product paint to the class of aluminum you use. Mechanical problems are just as important as the technical components you use in the fixture. That's where warranty periods come in.

What kind of solution do you come up with when there are problems you encounter during the warranty period?

There's a pandemic going on in the world. Due to an error in the product you are making, it may take time to return and respatch the product. When you add many negative factors to it, it brings with it serious costs. Our products are designed with as modular structure as possible so that even the customer himself can technically have the opportunity to intervene. I think it is important to be able to meet with our customers in common in solving problems caused by various reasons. At the point of mechanical and technical point, we have not had any problems with our products so far. But we're always prepared for that.

What are the most preferred design product groups? Who prefers what?

There are many different preferences for lighting products. Mainly, we can consider this in three parts. Preferences come to us in the world of classic, decorative and modern products. I would say that these preferences are almost identical regionally. For example, countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Libya can request classic products, while European users can request more modern products from you. Lighting mostly varies according to urbanization structures. If there is to be a new urbanization, modern lighting products are often requested. Using our experience, we can shape our designs and product groups by region. Sometimes we can offer our alternatives to our customers by studying the urbanization of that country. The structure of the project area and concept provides us with tips on the design characteristics of the products we will use. Which makes our job easier. But we are always able to offer different options based on the customer's expectations of what can be better. Light34 essentially markets its knowledge and experience at some point


It is our priority to deliver the product without compromising on quality, durability and technical efficiency.

What are the points where the design is clogged?

In design, you need to combine mechanics and technique with aesthetics. How long does the mechanics allow you? You have to tell the customer that very well. When a design is made, you may experience some mechanical or technical problems. Improvements and changes are being developed in collaboration with the customer. It is our priority to deliver the product without compromising on quality, durability and technical efficiency. Since we have a logo in the product, we avoid an approach that will harm our brand by considering all possibilities. Resistance to dust, moisture and water, which are essential for outdoor products, are the issues that we pay the most attention to mechanically. We treat the product in all its forms, such as the fact that the product components are not damaged in very hot temperatures and that the bolt we tighten is not rusted. As well as the disruption of the lighting, it is just as important that the outer body does not wear out. It is necessary to be constantly prepared for the challenges of outdoor lighting. Sometimes we investigate the climate of that region or country, the environmental conditions.

What would you like to say to foreign customers?

Once it is worth mentioning that we are not a foreign brand abroad with the experiences we have gained and the work we do. We are capable of evaluating the demands from abroad and offering the most suitable solution to the customer. We are a company that acts sensitively in all processes from production to shipment and can perform all operations.We offer original design and quality. The most important criterion for us is customer satisfaction. Light34 follows its customer even after sales. We do not prioritize commercial gain in our work. We provide all kinds of support to our customers in special product design and production.

Finally, what do you add?

There's a pandemic going on in the world now. We don't know when this is going to end. Let them trust Turkish companies in product quality and know that they will add a reliable quality company to their supply chains. Logistically, we're at the port of all continents. The production infrastructure in Turkey has become quite good. Light34 is a brand that can reflect unlimited alternatives to production in design. We expect them to contact us if they want to use a quality product. We are not in the projects where the price was discussed at first. Anyway, the way we look at the product, the attention we show to it, creates some criteria spontaneously. We know that people always value brands that do quality work. This affects your growth and brand value.    

Thank you very much for giving us the pages of Lighting Technical magazine.   


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