According to the data obtained from the IMIB website, where the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) regularly publishes export figures, members of the Lighting sector IMMIB set an export record in all months except the first month of 2021.

Compared to the periods 2020 – 2021, export figures compared to last year are 1. It started with a devaluation of -8.74% due to the pandemic in the month (January). As of the second month of 2021, export figures have jumped greatly to finish the year with records. The upward trend continues in January 2022 . He welcomed 2022, an increase of 10% compared to January last year. Which tells us that if there’s no problem with the new year, we’ll have new records.

The biggest impact of the decrease in export figures in the lighting sector was due to the automotive sector. With the slowdown of automotive production, it is seen that the losses of lighting companies supplying the sector are negatively reflected in the export figures.

With the Omicron variant, the closure of many countries has slowed the lighting industry somewhat. In addition, if we add the shortage of raw materials, despite this, the lighting sector continued to increase its share in exports. . 

Looking at the export rates for 2021, our companies with brand and production power finished the year at the top again. Our top 10 companies in exports consist of brands with high production and product diversity. It is seen that the weight of these companies in the past with their long-term work abroad and brand and product promotions has turned their value into a surplus during the Pandemic period. The combination of quality and brand awareness and production capacity turns out to be overcome without difficulty in the export doors in the lighting sector. When we look at the brands in the top ten, we see that the overseas dealership networks are solid and they produce quality.  


Avolux, which has not given up the export title to anyone for many years, also placed its name at the top of the list in 2021.

According to IMIB data, Avolux was the first to export the most. Avolux, which adds its strong production and quality to its product range in the Lighting Sector, has been maintaining this success for many years.

EAE Electricity and Lighting, which has the largest production facilities in our country and the region with serious investments, carries up the export figures every day. We will see a change in the top three in the coming period. Pelsan Lighting continues its dominance in the market and the upward trend. Although it produces Emergency Lighting products, EEC electronics is one of our prominent brands. Gemin Lighting pays for its weight in original design and R&D investments in export figures.

Some companies that do not renew themselves continue to lose their position in the top fifteen. In particular, we see that companies that keep their brand and fair participations at a high level increase the export figures and the number of countries every day. With the top ten companies, there is a significant increase in the number of numbers and countries.


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