Signify Launches Fiber Brand Trulifi

  • Highly reliable, secure and high-speed wireless communication that can use existing and future lighting infrastructure
  • For professional markets including offices, hotels, retail, industry and healthcare

Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announced the launch of its new LiFi system, which includes the world's fastest, most reliable LiFi systems on the market. Combining the lines of the lighting and telecommunications world, Signify offers its product range under the Trulifi brand. Trulifi uses professional fixtures that are available and will be released in the future.

Trulifi uses light waves instead of using radio waves (WiFi, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, etc.) to provide highly secure, two-way wireless communication at speed far beyond what many traditional wireless technology uses in the workplace. Thus, trulifi overcomes the increased congestion in the radio spectrum and offers extremely fast use even in areas where radio frequencies do not work well, do not work at all or are not allowed to be used.

Trulifi uses optical wireless transceiver technology that has been added or adapted to Philips fixtures. This ensures that customers don't have to dismantle and replace existing lighting infrastructures to get the perfect light and wireless connection.

The new range consists of Trulifi-enabled fixtures that provide wireless connectivity up to 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) in large areas such as meeting rooms and office floors. Every transition between Trulifi-enabled fixtures, which allow users to roam freely, is seamlessly ensured. Trulifi offers data transfer capacity fast enough to watch 30 1080p HDTV movies at the same time. The USB access key attached to the laptop to receive the LiFi signal also acts as a transmitter, sending the data back to the fixture to which it is connected.

The Trulifi range also includes a system that acts as a wireless connection to connect devices together, up to 250 Mbps and reaches a constant "point to another". Potential applications include industrial facilities, hospitals where radio frequency (RF)based communication is not allowed, or connecting robots or machines in situations where big data files are not allowed and where they need to be received safely and quickly, i.e. in RF environments.

Olivia Qiu, Head of Innovation at Signify, said, "Trulifi best demonstrates our strategy of unlocking the potential of light in our orientation to new and rapidly growing markets. Thanks to our presence in global markets, the size of our installed system and our extensive industry knowledge, we will help our current and new customers use lighting infrastructures to have reliable, secure, high-speed wireless communication at a very competitive price. Wireless communication is now possible wherever there is light."

Eran Görgen, CEO of Signify Turkey, said, "As Signify Turkey; We would like to state that we are ready to launch trulifi, our new product, which we have received a lot of demand in the global arena, in the Turkish market. We are working hard and are very excited to implement this innovative technology in Turkey for our customers who demand it."



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