The production of lighting fixtures requires diligence and high technology.


Many ACK products are produced by a "technological production" base that manufactures high efficiency LED lighting fixtures. With an expert technical staff; Abdullahoglu Elektrik, which produces in advanced production and assembly lines, also attracts attention with the variety of products it produces. Abdullahoglu Elektrik is a company focused on energy efficiency, which has been producing, importing, exporting and distributing all kinds of lighting fixtures since 1996. In line with its goals, the company is focused on following the latest developments in lighting fixture technologies, keeping up with new technologies, and always developing products to find better.

Our company, which has a dealership network spread throughout Turkey and organized representations in European countries, is not limited to Turkey and Europe, but also carries out commercial activities with Central Asia, Middle East and Near East countries.

Abdullahoglu Elektrik produces and imports products for lighting many areas such as houses, offices, factories, parks and gardens, streets and pools.

Our Production Philosophy: At the core of our production philosophy is the concept of "respecting". Respecting our customers, employees and environment forms the basis of our production philosophy. In this sense, we consider the wishes and suggestions of our employees in the creation of our production bands and working environment.

We believe this is the first step in establishing a high standard of efficiency. Our production processes, our care for the raw and semi-finished products we use, our seriousness in planning and timing, our time devoted to R&D, and our quality control laboratory are an indication of the respect we show our customers.

It is a highly environmentally sensitive brand, both because the products in ACK's portfolio consume low and efficient energy, and because of its sensitivity to the least damage to the environment during the production process.

There is no harmful gas release to the environment during the production phase of our products; As an advantage of a highly insulated building, sound, image, heat pollution does not occur. Thanks to our recycling unit, valuable metals and plastics that need to be scrapped are revived and products containing substances that may harm the environment are disposed of in accordance with the relevant legal provisions. Our facility, which produces the most advanced lighting products, also saves significant energy by using the most advanced lighting, heating and cooling systems. Our environmental approach also manifests itself in our dust-free, well-ventilated, hygienic and safety-compliant workplaces, which are necessary to protect the health of our friends working on production lines.

Products compliant with TSE Standards:

Abdullahoglu designs and manufactures all electrical lighting fixtures in accordance with TS-EN standards. It also performs safety tests with calibration testers and 100% for each product in accordance with EN 60598 standard.

Of course, at this point, both our production facility and our under-plaster and plaster lighting fixtures have successfully undergone plant inspection and product experiments carried out by TSE and TSE certificates of many of our products have been obtained.

R&D Studies:

We attach great importance to research and development efforts to deliver more efficient and environmentally friendly products. ACK works to produce high-tech products that suit the needs of venues and people. Since high technology also means increasing energy efficiency, these efforts contribute to the protection of the environment while minimizing the energy costs spent on lighting. While our R&D team visits the world's few production fairs, they follow the latest innovations in lighting technologies and try to produce more efficient, more economical, more functional products taking into account the demands from the market.

Our Quality Control Laboratory:

The quality controls of our products, which are produced according to our production philosophy, are carried out by our expert team in our state-of-the-art quality control laboratory. Thanks to these processes, our production inputs, which start in line with R&D data and the demands of the market, can be marketed as products in accordance with our philosophy, and the necessary audits are carried out in this laboratory in order to eliminate the problems that may arise despite all these processes.

Our Production Bands:

Production lines where ACK products are produced are planned to be able to produce 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is one of our basic understandings and principles to reflect all the possibilities offered by modern technology to production standards, to create total quality, efficient production, control system at every stage of production, to provide high performance skilled labor.

Thanks to our production lines working with automation system, the margin of error can be minimized in serial and standard production, installation and quality control ease is provided Production under the control of technical personnel undergoing continuous training eliminates quality losses when working at full capacity.


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