In this issue, we talked about the sector and company activities with Onur Boyar, Co-Founder of TULPAR TECHNOLOGY, which was established in 2018 and provides PCB Production design services to the lighting sector.

  • First of all, can we get to know your company? How many teams do you have and the MachineRy Track?
    Hello. Tulpar Technological Services San. Tic. Ltd. As Sti, we follow the innovations and developments in the electronics sector at any time, offer the latest and advanced technologies to them in line with the needs of our customers and continue our work with the understanding of uninterrupted service. We bring our customers together with fast and high quality service by finding the most suitable solutions for the needs of our country and our customers. We have a staff of 11 people, 2 of whom are engineers. Our company responds to the needs of our customers in pcb, stencil, component, supply and 2 SMD typesetting lines together with PCB design service.
  • What are the sectors in which you produce?
    Other sectors we produce, especially the lighting sector, can be listed as defense industry, home automation systems, automotive, elevator, industrial electronics.
  • What kind of business and production model do you have for the lighting industry?
    The main need that comes to the forefront in the lighting sector is the rapid production demands of our customers. With this in mind, we have a separate typesetting line for lighting products. In this line, up to 1500mm pcbs can be produced.

What are the considerations in the PCB procurement process? We have 20 years of experience in PCB production. We provide technical support services to our customers from the design stage.

  • You also have a design team. Can you describe the design parameters of the projects?
  • The main points of attention when creating pcb design are:
  • The correct layout of components and roads in general,
  • Keeping analog and digital circuits as separate as possible
  • Accurate road thicknesses and ground distribution according to current carrying capacities
  • Preventing electromagnetic noise
  • Eliminating the risk of electric shock
  • Current and economical components to be used

Bayram DILMAÇ,
Founding Partner of TULPAR TECHNOLOGY,

Can you tell us about your Smd typesetting production?
We have 2 SMD typesetting lines. Our company has the ability to produce SMD typesetting of all kinds of electronic circuit boards quickly and economically with all components between 201, 402, 603, 805, 1206, 1210 and TQFP240 and all kinds of LEDs. We have a capacity of 25,000 chip smd typesetting per hour.

Can you compare domestic lighting products with Far East lighting products?
Our country has certainly come a long way in this regard. The general culture of the companies in the lighting sector has been formed by closely following the technology and taking action very quickly. Unfortunately, poor quality and inefficient Far East products entering the lighting sector are still accepted in the eyes of the consumer. Domestic and manufacturer lighting companies spend a lot of time in their production to produce better quality from the Far East and at the same time to prepare more economical products. In this regard, we believe that a little more sets should be put in front of imported lighting products.

  • What is your vision and goals?
    We are actively continuing continuous improvement activities in order to respond quickly to changing customer expectations. We aim to serve as a company that contributes positively to the responsible sector by providing quality and minimum cost service, using our resources in the most effective and efficient way, maximizing our performance and competitiveness. We are motivated by the positive customer satisfaction we receive while continuing our work. In this direction, we want to follow the technology very closely and continue to produce with state-of-the-art machines in our SMD production track. We are determined to move in the direction we are talking about.


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