3 Senior Appointments in Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group


Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, which operates in different sectors with 15 different companies and provides direct employment to 2,200 people , has made 3 high-level appointments in line with its corporate objectives.

Melih Cihantepe, who has more than 20 years of professional experience as a professional manager and entrepreneur, was appointed as CFO of Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group to manage the coordination of financial issues; Birol Yusuf Altinparmak was appointed sales and product development director of Turkey and Alp Türkay was appointed as Borled Lighting Group Director.

Stating that the group continues its strong growth with increasing momentum, Mehmet Arbek Akay, CEO of Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, said, "Our human resources, which combine a strong professional background in management and operations staff, are the most important driving force of our sustainable growth. He firmly believes that our colleagues who have just joined our management team will take this power to an even more advanced level and make valuable contributions to Borsan; I welcome them to the Borsan Family."

Melih Cihantepe, who will take responsibility for the coordination and management of all financial issues as CFO of Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, studied Banking and Finance at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia after Kadıköy Anatolian High School. Melih Cihantepe entered professional life in 1999. Taking on executive responsibilities in different international companies; Serving as CFO of organizations such as ArcelorMittal Rozak and Assan Panel within Kibar Holding, Melih Cihantepe was one of the co-founders of his own venture Galata Fabric Trade Inc. after his role as General Manager at iron mountain, an international organization.

Birol Yusuf Altinparmak, who started his career as Sales and Product Development Director of Turkey within Borsan Electrical and Lighting Products Group, graduated from Yildiz Technical University in 1992 as an Electrical Engineer and started his professional career. Birol Yusuf Altinparmak, who took care, quality, production and R&D responsibilities during his 26-year HES Cable career, has served as Domestic Sales Manager in the last 10 years at HES Kablo. Afterwards, Altinparmak, who was sales manager at Ulusoy Elektrik for 1 year, will focus on the happiness of returning to the cable sector and strengthening the domestic sales and product distribution vision in Borsan, expanding the product range and growing the market share.

Borled Lighting Group Director Alp Türkay is a name that stands out with his experience. Alp Türkay, who describes himself as 'cynical', has been involved in professional life since 1976. Alp Türkay, known for his expertise and positive communication in the sector, last served as Isildar Plastics and Lighting Sales Manager before joining Borled. In addition to increasing the awareness of the Borled brand, Alp Türkay will focus on issues such as market spread and new dealerships, bringing production yields to the best levels, expanding its product range and market dominance.



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