Intuitive control of your lighting is now in your pocket


Adding to its innovative lighting solutions, OSRAM adds intelligence, aesthetics and design to the lighting with its new technology that provides management of the LED system in places. The new Bluetooth-enabled OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® BLE DIM (OT BLE DIM) allows intuitive adjustment of the entire LED system in the space with the app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

Today, lighting goes far beyond lighting a space. Offering the opportunity to create original and aesthetic lighting styles with its state-of-the-art lighting solutions, OSRAM takes LED lighting to the next level with its new solution. With the new OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® BLE DIM, control of the LED system can now be done from smartphones or tablets in places where lighting makes a difference, from homes to hotel rooms, shops to restaurants, where lighting makes a difference. All you have to do is introduce your smart LED lighting to a smartphone or tablet. With Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology and the Casambi app providing intuitive control, OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® BLE DIM also eliminates cable clutter with its wireless feature, enabling the management of the personalized lighting system on a mobile phone or tablet.

With the Casambi app, lights can be turned on and off via Bluetooth. The system can be easily installed without professional help and can also be adjusted with versatile color adjustment with options such as RGBW, RGB, Tunable white and Tunable warm white. OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® BLE DIM, which can be used and personalized by multiple users separately, offers a wide range of options that facilitate renovation projects for places where lighting design is important, such as entertainment areas, restaurants, hotel rooms or shops.


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