ACANEO is the ideal solution for general lighting in buildings with large areas with high ceilings: we provide effective lighting in spaces up to 30 meters high. This improves the performance of employees and the quality of their work. ACANEO also makes an important contribution to positive energy balance. Your company benefits from the following factors: Social responsibility and commitment to the environment have a positive effect on cost efficiency.

  • LED technology with up to 60,000 hours of service life (L80B10)
  • Highly durable pressure aluminum casting housing
  • Energy efficient compared to conventional lighting
  • Time and cost-saving assembly
  • Thermal management with intelligent overheating protection
  • Patented lenses with precise light guidance
  • High quality operation in accordance with Waldmann quality standards
  • Maintenance-free
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Resistant to commonly used coolers, oils and welding vapors
  • Integrated fixed light output (CLO)


Light technology in a new dimension.

ACANEO is the right solution for different venues: we offer light flux packages suitable for different venue heights and lighting levels. The lens was developed to make minimal glare in focus, which we have achieved convincingly (UGR < 22). In addition to improving job security, this also reduces accidents.

Lighting for harsh conditions.

ACANEO meets the high demands of logistics, production and storage: The high ceiling lamp works reliably even in dusty, damp and oil-containing weather. The lamp does not need visible cooling channels: for example, the risk of contamination by oil particles is clearly reduced. (Protection rating: IP65; impact resistance: IK10)

ACANEO is equipped with Fixed Light Output (CLO); thus, it balances the reduction in light flux over its lifetime. This 60,000-hour lifespan smart housing concept does not change even at temperatures higher than 50 °C thanks to carefully selected high performance materials and thermal management. This lamp meets standard requirements with effective overheating protection.

Simple assembly, superior intelligence.

Compared to conventional high ceiling lamps, ACANEO provides initial cost savings even before the first start: The two suspension points on the ceiling, which are fully pre-assembled and equipped with intermediate cable hardware, can be combined as a single suspension point. As a result, self-alignment is achieved and the installation of the ACANEO can be done completely in a few minutes. Even vibrations and air currents will no longer be able to rotate the lamp.


ACANEO represents maximum flexibility: To adjust the light according to the location's condition, environment and work to be done, Waldmann tells you that ACANEO

Variations in light flux, lens, light color, technology and connection line are combined to provide the lighting solution that best suits your needs.
In essence, our light is exactly what you want it to be!

A brief look at ACANEO

  • Clear light flux pack 30,000 Im
  • Power consumption 230 W
  • Operating temperature: – 30 °C to + 50 °C
  • Leakage light current 80% after 60,000 hours of operation (L80B10)
  • Color temperature neutral white 4 000 K, daylight white 5 000 K and 6 500 K
  • Built-in single lenses / narrow beam or wide beam
  • Durable pressure aluminum casting housing
  • Light flow 30,000 lm



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