Global Lighting Companies in the Emerging, Intelligent Lighting Market of the Middle East


The region estimates that the UAE and Saudi-led growth of 25 percent is expected to reach more than $2 billion by 2030.
Dubai, UAE: Leading companies in the international lighting industry are coming together to demonstrate their latest technologies to gain a share in the middle east's rapidly expanding smart lighting market, which is projected to reach more than $2 billion by 2030.

More than 300 participants from 30 countries have signed up for the Light Middle East, which starts at the Dubai World Trade Centre from October 15-17, with representatives of the industrial product range from the US in the north to Australia in the south, Singapore in the east to Slovenia in the west.

Dishan Isaac, Director of light middle east fair: "There will be tremendous participation from the UK, Europe and America. Interest in the Smart Lighting Market in the region has risen by 25% over the next decade," he said.

According to TechSci Research, $2.16 Billion is expected to be invested in the sector by 2030. The UAE had the largest share with 39%, followed by Saudi Arabia with 38%. The shares of other countries; Qatar is 13% and Kuwait is 5.8%, while the rest continues to spread throughout the region.

LED technology will be responsible for taking the majority of the market, 75 percent of the work with indoor lighting. Light controls will account for 48 per cent of the work processed, fixtures 42 per cent and smart bulbs 10 per cent.

"The outdoor lighting industry accounts for only 25 percent of the market, and the smart outdoor solutions sector is expected to achieve its highest annual growth," Isaac said.

TechSci Research Company is overflowing with governments' professional energy efficiency and smart city initiatives, increased preferences for safe, luxury homes, and expectations of growing demand in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

LI-FI (LIGHT SUITABILITY) and other technological developments lead to increased urgency of visible LED lighting, increased demand for real-time home security, and innovations and developments in wireless technology in the kit driver market.

"Furthermore, with the decrease in LED prices, it is expected to record rapid growth in the smart lighting market in the Middle East" the report said. Due to the increase in the population, the region's demand for energy efficiency is increasing as well as housing that needs a smart lighting market."

Other sectoral incentives include increasing R&D investments in smart and green technology-based lighting systems to minimize carbon emissions, increasing the number of mega-residential and commercial projects, increasing internet of things (IoT) technology development projects, and increasing demand for lighting connected to indoor lighting systems in various applications.

TechSci Research Company announced that the demand for sensor-based lighting systems is increasing in the region, along with the Middle East. According to the report; "In the last few years, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. have been used to make the most of the smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Penetration of smart devices has recorded strong growth throughout the region. The use of smartphone app-based smart lighting solutions is increasing in the Middle East region, as the smart device allows users to manage and control smart lighting devices through a variety of mobile applications. ”

Great interest in smart lighting solutions caught the attention of Italian lighting giant Grupo MCI and began to illuminate the Middle East and reveal some existing applications here, persuading it to offer a range of cost-effective and fully controllable LED solutions

Sergio Rodriguez, General Manager of Middle East MCI Group: "Instead of old-fashioned reflected light in exterior lighting, we will show software-controlled lights that are shaped to emphasize the shape of buildings, adapting indirect lighting to any specific occasion to reach much more stylish and warm spaces. New products give us the chance to extend the life of products while reducing electricity consumption with the impact on the environment and economy."

According to Musco Lighting, based in the US, LED is now a win-win technology for end users and energy suppliers. Brett Paulsen, Managing Director of Musco Gulf Lighting, said: "LED is the way of the future and should maintain its presence as a pioneer in the market. Take sports events, such as airports, where there are 24/7 operations. During the day this area is very hot, so we provide lighting by keeping operational surfaces safe at night. At night lighting also provides greater efficiency and creates a safer working environment." Said.

Messe Frankfurt, which organises the Middle East light Fair, says it will showcase the entire range of industries with a show that can change the way the region lives, works and plays. The theme of this year's 'THINKLIGHT' conference, which took place next to the exhibition, is as follows: "Adapting to change; In an age of change, it is to be able to determine its direction."

Isaac: "We are already in an age of transformation, but this pace of development seems to accelerate rapidly, bringing great opportunities. While international participants want to evaluate the results here, there are significant business opportunities by local and regional players who can partner with the global sector."

14. Middle East light Fair covers 6 areas related to decorative lighting and accessories; provides electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems, electric lamps, LED lighting, technical lighting and accessories, home and building automations.


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