Earthquake Sensor, Artificial Intelligence Smart City Lighting Fixtures


LTS Lighting is one of our companies that shows awareness in the sector with the products it develops in this direction by focusing on special projects. LtS Lighting, which has an expert team, has become the center of attention with earthquake sensor, artificial intelligence smart city lighting fixtures. Participated in A-TECH 2018 fair held in Ankara in November and exhibited its products

In these days when we often experience the effects of climate change, there is a noticeable increase in the number of companies working on sustainable environment.

One of them is produced in cooperation with Fipronet Inc. and LTS Lighting, which develop outdoor lighting solutions using renewable energy sources.

Our product, which is designed to be activated in seismic motion and will provide lighting in emergency meeting areas, will be introduced at the fair on November 22nd, taking into account this need in our country in the earthquake zone.

Combining solar energy and LED technology, Fipronet& lts Lighting has made a rapid entrance into the sector by offering its customers seamless lighting solutions with EARTHQUAKE SENSOR and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE that do not require network connection. The products, which save electricity and have zero carbon emissions, also provide different usage options to the user with their IoT compliant structures.

Thanks to the automatic diming and bluetooth and remote access features available in the product, light level adjustments can be made easily by the user. Thus, it is possible to prevent the light pollution that we often complain about, especially in large cities.

Solar Energy Lighting System works at night with the power generated from the solar panel throughout the day and can continue to make lighting thanks to its automatic dimming feature in closed weather conditions for an additional 3-5 days.

With the REFA model specially designed for walking paths and parks, both standard night lighting and safe and trouble-free lighting can be provided in emergency situations such as power outages, disasters and earthquakes.

Since the electronic and mechanical designs of the products are made within the company, special production can be made for customer needs. Thanks to its IoT-compatible electronic card design, it is able to offer smart lighting alternatives suitable for the smart city with the use of different sensors.

In our country, increasing the visibility of such products will increase awareness about the use of renewable energy in different media.

FİPRO Elektronik, which operates in the production of small powerful devices working with electronic design service and renewable energy sources, has established FİPRONET A.Ş. in cooperation with NET TASARIM Elektronik A.Ş., which has been operating in electronics, software, hardware, design and production for 20 years.

Fipronet&lts lighting carries out a production in the manufacturing industry, covering all three sub-branches of electricity, electronics and machinery. The products contain advanced technology as software and hardware and are produced with 100% domestic capital and knowledge.


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