Osram's 2018 revenues increased to €4.1 billion


Osram, the leading manufacturer of lighting, continued its strong and steady growth in 2018. The company increased its revenue by 2 percent this year to €4.1 billion. Osram aims for 10 percent growth in 2019.

The lighting sector, which reached 2 billion euros in Turkey in 2018, continues this progress at the end of the year. In 2018, increased competition in traditional lamps and reduced profit margins led the major players of the sector to turn to high-tech lighting solutions. The volume of the world lighting market is 50 billion dollars and today the volume of the Turkish lighting market has reached 350 million dollars. Depending on this situation, continuously developing LED technology stands out as the most important plus of the lighting industry in recent times.

"We will focus on photonic and optical technologies".

Osram has been developing special solutions for the needs of customers in nearly 150 countries with over 33,000 employees in the lighting sector and has been operating in Turkey for nearly 30 years. Commenting on the financial figures released by Osram, Osram's CEO in Turkey, Can Dikmen, said, "As Osram, we accelerated our automotive lighting efforts in 2018. In line with our investments, we support the automotive industry with innovative LED, laser and traditional technologies. We increased our comparable revenue by 2 percent to €4.1 billion in fiscal 2018 and made a share buyback of up to €400 million. Despite the economic difficulties and challenging market conditions in 2018, we have maintained our financial position and increased our revenue." Sewing; In 2019, he stated that they aim to focus even more strongly on photonic and optical technologies beyond lighting.

A year of automotive success

High-tech company Osram; It stands out as one of the world's largest product and solution providers with modules, fixtures and highly efficient light management systems. Continuing his work with the motto "We Illuminate the Future", Osram received the innovation award for car headlights developed for VW Golf VII in Automechanika, one of the most important organizations in the automotive sector, in 2018. In addition, it revolutionized the signal lamp market, and in collaboration with Koito, the new XLS family of products combined the standard light source with LED technology. Osram achieved an industry debut with the new XLS, which is a uniform platform with three different light versions.


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