Business opportunities will arise in Europe, Asia and Eastern countries.


We asked our companies in the Lighting Sector what they did during the Pandemic period and what awaited us after that.


As HEXALIGHT, we have determined our plans after the pandemic. The pandemic period in the world has negatively affected global markets as well as in our country, resulting in job losses, and with the start of the new normal period, movement is expected in public and private sector projects that are on hold.

Ataköy International Youth Center, where we are lighting solution partners as Hexalight during the pandemic period, produced and delivered the products of Alibeyköy Yeniköy Emlak Konut projects.

Companies of far eastern (Chinese) origin, which are considered the starting point of the pandemic period, and importers will lose jobs in the domestic market together with the tax rates brought by our state, which will increase the potential of domestic producers such as us. This situation will create potential business opportunities for our country, which has production power in the region, in Europe, Asia and Eastern countries. As Hexalight Smart Lighting solutions; We will continue to take part in Turkey and Abroad projects before and after the pandemic period.

As a domestic manufacturer, we have TSE, TÜV, OHSAS etc. we will continue to produce from Turkey to the world with our quality certificates, experienced cultivation, strength from our partners we are solution partners


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