New Year Trends in Interiors from Minye Design…


Concept Project Manager Mary Kavaz of Gönye Design team, who has signed interior designs of leading branded housing, office and hotel projects in Turkey and abroad, analyzed the innovations and trends we will encounter indoors in 2019. According to Interior Designer Kavaz, who stated that the organic forms we are accustomed to in the new year will be diversified with new colors and textures, we will feel the effect of nature more intensely in 2019 venues.

Concept Project Manager Mary Kavaz of Gönye Design team, who has carried out many interior design works, especially office, hotel and residence projects with the construction and real estate investment companies she is a solution partner with, analyzed the trends we will encounter frequently in 2019.

According to Mary Kavaz, Minye Design Concept Project Manager, the navy and dark green colors that will rival the shades of gray and anthracite that we have become accustomed to using boldly in recent years will mark 2019. Navy blue and dark greens, one of Pantone's most popular colors, will be displayed on large surfaces, living areas, bedrooms and even kitchen doors. For spring-summer, coral and turquoise tones are candidates to be the colors that we will often see in decoration items.

In places where calm is sought, warm earth tones will again be among the favorites. According to Kavaz, who stated that warmer grays and natural soil colors will be created by moving away from white and cold grays in living spaces, calm, spacious and toned places will be created in 2019, and spaces designed with these colors will be decoratively supported with linen and silk fabrics.

Mary Kavaz, who emphasizes that the natural influence that increases peace in our homes and which we increasingly need will continue to create trends by increasing the interest in home plants, adds: "Together with cacti, large-leaved plants are complementary to decoration; it seems that textiles with flower and plant patterns will continue to have an impact in many areas of our lives." New materials and details to enrich organic forms…

Gönye Design Concept Project Manager Mary Kavaz states that organic forms still remain in place in furniture preferences to be made in 2019: "Models with soft and organic form details will again be among our preferences. Aging brass colors will retain their classic place in metals that offer stylish lines on furniture finishes and feet. Copper hues that have appeared in recent years have not had the desired effect on furniture. Chrome, nickel, platinum and bronze colors will be used frequently on different surfaces and details in the coming years. In marble furniture, new models designed with leather details as well as metals will be in front of us in 2019."

In kitchens, quartz looms will continue to be popular with valid usage advantages. According to Kavaz, who stated that we will love the dark colors supported by matte surface kitchen covers by moving away from light colors on the counters, models with processed glass and metal mesh in laminated glass will be among the trends in kitchens with glass lids.

Stating that bathroom areas designed with a single material effect will create a sophisticated appearance, the interior designer says that marble will come up with a modern interpretation of hot gray and dark colors in bathroom designs that offer a simple and relaxing SPA effect. Concrete-looking materials and "Terazzos" will also be among the trends in the bathrooms designed with this understanding.

In the new season, Mary Kavaz, Miner Design Concept Project Manager, concludes by adding that square glass joinery divided into equal parts will come back with different usage functions, they will find their place among the rising trends with new interpretations in modernly designed houses and offices, and they will appear not only as joinery and doors, but also as divisive panels in open living areas with fine metal parts.


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