Largest Flight Training Center in Europe and the Middle East from TAGO Architects


Designed for Turkish Airlines, TAGO Architects' Flight Training Center will be one of the largest flight training centers in Europe and the Middle East when completed and one of the largest on a single structure in the world. The facility, which has a dynamic form with the potential for movement, will house 18 simulation devices in a closed area of approximately 30,000 m².

Tago Architects, led by Architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ, who has produced projects in Europe, Central Asia and the Far East at its offices in Tokyo, Bucharest, Kiev and Dubai outside its Istanbul head office, has designed a new simulation center for Turkish Airlines that will include 18 simulation devices. The structure will also be an important training tourism center in the region, with a wide range of flight training units such as stewardesses, cabins and flight training centers.

 TAGO Architects, which blends technique and aesthetics and has designed a structure that can be enlarged according to the need over time, has positioned training areas and lobby on the front of the building, while hiding the more technical hangar parts and support units on the back façade of the building. The most obvious feature of the design is that it evokes flight; it has obtained the dynamic forms it uses on the façade thanks to the perforated materials resembling the aircraft wing and the amorphous structure that surrounds the entire form from the bottom up. TAGO Architects reflected the corporate identity of Turkish Airlines with its façade material and colors in the transparent training units it designed, while with its horizontal effect in design, it ensured that the building was perceived in a dynamic as if it were on the move and not constant and reflected the concept of speed. Thus, he signed the design of an educational structure with a form that reflects the institution.

The structure, whose conveyor system is concrete – steel carcass, is equipped with the latest technology electro-mechanical as well as its visually and architecturally functional and impressive design. The needs such as fixed air conditioning required by the special simulator devices it contains have been integrated into the project with high automation and solved.

 TAGO Architects has managed to achieve a height that will meet all technical needs in the building, which it designed not to close the field of view of the surrounding residential area. In this sense, it has turned the seemingly disadvantaged conditions of the land to its advantage by creating a design that is compatible with the environment in which it is located.

 Thy Flight Training Center building is expected to contribute to the economic development of the region by creating an intermediate section of the residential area thanks to its neighboring an old residential district in Greenville and the airport on the other. The training center, which was started to be built in front of thy old simulation building in Florya district of Istanbul, is aimed to generate significant revenue by serving both Turkish Airlines pilots and pilot candidates for many years, as well as foreigners who come to receive this service from abroad.



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