With safety lighting fixtures with Legrand LED, your safety is in good hands


Safety lighting fixtures come across as an important solution that directs us to risk-free zones in a controlled manner in the living spaces we are in, with or without realizing it. Legrand for these systems used in all places from hospitals to schools, airports to shopping malls; It offers products that support your safety in living spaces with new generation LED safety lighting fixtures.

 In addition to contributing to a sustainable world, Legrand designs LED safety lighting fixtures with environmental impacts in mind. Legrand Lighting Fixtures, which can be completely recycled, are easily used in all kinds of structures. Fixtures, which are also highly acclaimed for their thin design; it directs individuals to risk-free zones in all locations from hospitals to schools, airports to shopping malls.

Contributing to the sustainable world…

Legrand aims to minimize maintenance costs beyond providing low energy consumption to its users by equipping led safety lighting fixtures with long-lasting LEDs.

Legrand designs Safety Lighting Fixtures using low-energy, long-lasting LEDs and aims to ensure low energy consumption and minimize maintenance costs for partners. Legrand's fixtures adapt to all kinds of projects combine easy fixing, design and safety


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