In order to keep the "Zero Energy Buildings" which were made mandatory in the European Union last year on the Agenda of Turkey, 44. Before the ZeroBuild Summit hosted by TurkeyBuild Istanbul, industry representatives were called for a declaration. In the declaration for signature on the summit's website; While demands such as the adoption of Turkey's Roadmap for Zero Carbon Buildings and the development of incentive plans to expand Zero Energy Buildings are expressed, sectors operating in this field are also advised to review their work and make improvements.

Following the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, a new era in Turkey's climate policies was entered with the determination of "Net Zero Emissions" targets by 2053. In this context, while the transition to 'Zero Energy Buildings' is of great importance, the International Zero Energy Buildings Summit – ZeroBuild Summit'22 emphasized the urgency of this transformation with a declaration signed by all sector stakeholders.

The declaration issued under the slogan "Build the Future with Zero Energy Buildings"; It is aimed to sign the signatures of representatives of all relevant sectors in this field such as building materials, insulation, ventilation, heating-cooling, home automation, lighting, home appliances and architecture.

"We remind you of the responsibility of all stakeholders"

After ZeroBuild Turkey, which has been held digitally for the past two years, this year is physically 44. Dr. Dr. Dr. Who is the director of ZeroBuild Summit'22, which will be hosted by TurkeyBuild Istanbul, The Building Fair. Gamze Karanfil said that they want to remind all stakeholders, not just the central government, of their responsibility with the declaration. Karanfil stated that the declaration includes the approaches adopted by stakeholders working in this field to take the necessary actions in achieving the "2053 Net Zero Target", and explained their objectives: "Apart from the responsibilities imposed by the Paris Climate Agreement, it was stated that more efficient and self-generating buildings will be expanded in the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) announced by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey's Strategy and Budget Directorate. Expectations of the stakeholders who sign the declaration from the central administration; To develop national roadmaps for decarbonization of the building sector by 2053 and to address the shortcomings in the legal regulations in this regard. The signatories of this declaration adopt to contribute to the strategic plan to make new buildings net zero energy buildings by 2030 and all buildings by 2053."

The 12-point declaration was signed on its website

ZeroBuild Summit'22 Director Karanfil emphasized that the declaration will be shared with the public during the opening session of the ZeroBuild Summit, and invited anyone who supports the transformation into Zero Energy Buildings for a livable world to sign the declaration published on .

 "BUILD THE FUTURE WITH ZERO ENERGY BUILDINGS"  The 12 articles of the Declaration are as follows;

  1. To support the adoption of "Turkey's Roadmap for Zero Carbon Buildings".
  2. To contribute to the preparation / preparation of strategic action plans.
  3. Develop incentive plans to expand Zero Energy Buildings.
  4. To support legislative efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2053 Net Zero Target.
  5. To support the strategy and action plans to be prepared by central and local governments.
  6. To contribute to R&D, information and education activities together with the stakeholders of the subject, especially universities, in order to develop new technology, products and services related to Zero Energy Buildings.
  7. To carry out periodic studies/reports on energy efficiency and emissions in buildings.
  8. To organize consumer-oriented trainings to raise awareness about energy efficiency in Zero Energy Buildings and buildings.
  9. To carry out communication studies related to Zero Energy Buildings.
  10. To set energy and CO2 emission reduction targets for buildings within each institution and organization.
  11. To publish sustainability activity reports annually.
  12. To focus on the production and development of materials in international standards for Zero Energy Buildings in the building sector.


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