Avonni Lighting, one of the important manufacturer brands of our country in the matter of decorative lighting; He published a special Decorative lighting project catalog for architects, project and lighting designers.

It started its lighting journey 40 years ago with the manufacture of home chandeliers that add happiness to the space in order to beautify modern life and raise living standards. With the project department he established in 2010, he develops solutions tailored to the great chandelier needs of hotels, restaurants, ballrooms, wedding halls and sacred places.

Avonni Lighting has prepared a special product project catalog for its customers to reach the products it designs more easily. When we examine the catalog, we come across a very different format from the catalogs of products and services that we are familiar with. The catalog offers all the processes that you need to know before the project in the taste of a book for those who want to make a decorative lighting project. All narratives are prepared in summary, easily understood and read without boredom.

The book contains the following topics.
• Decorative lighting in hotel lobbies
• Decorative lighting
in hotel rooms• What should café and restaurant lighting look like?
• What you need to
know when lighting up sacred places• What to look for
in wedding halls and ballrooms • What should be the lighting in housing and villa projects?
• What do portable, wireless lighting offer?
All the topics listed above are presented together with the project references made by
the company.
This remarkable work is not only available in
Turkish, but can be downloaded from the company’s website, both Turkish and English



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