Poor quality LED lamps threaten eye health








Eran Görgen, Managing Director of Signify Turkey operation: "Poor quality LED lamps threaten eye health"

Eran Görgen, formerly Philips Lighting, and signify's General Manager for Turkey Operations, recently made assessments of unsafe lighting products in the market.

Noting that Signify, which has been importing high-end standard and quality lamps and fixtures to Turkey for 88 years, is particularly sensitive about quality LEDs, Eran Görgen commented: "As the world and country leader in the lighting market, great attention needs to be paid to poor quality and unreliable products that harm both the Turkish economy and the health of users. In this respect, we find the work of the Unsafe Product Information System (GÜBIS) established by the Ministry of Commerce very positive. The fact that all kinds of products have achieved a certain standard is important for human health, among many other things. In addition, the audits and controls of TSE, which works on quality, are of the least importance. At Signify, our industry leadership and advocacy of quality place an important mission on us. I can say with confidence that we are doing whatever is necessary in terms of raising awareness and education in this regard and that we will gladly do it." Görgen continued: "It should be a necessity to present all products that come to the country by importing procedurally to the consumer at the optimum price.

However, the presence of products that do not comply with the country and consumer dynamics in the market, which the consumer cannot get inefficient in return for the money spent, that can threaten eye health and even that may cause situations that unfortunately endanger human life and health such as fire in the area used, seriously threaten both our economy and our health. At Signify, we appreciate the work of our state, ministry of commerce in this regard." Görgen continued: "Of course, the consumer has a big role to play here.

People should protect both their eyes and their home economies with their choice of quality LED lighting. Consumers should make high quality LED preferences that do not tire the eyes for eye comforts. Otherwise, poor quality LEDs with flickering light wear the eye out, reduce concentration and give the person fatigue. Therefore, I believe that it is important for eye comfort to choose from well-known good brands when making LED selections. In the right LED selection; First of all, contrary to what is known, it is necessary to look at the lumen (lm) instead of watts (W) to adjust the brightness of the light. The bulb, which has a greater lumen value, always gives brighter light. Another point to consider is the choice of light color according to the need.While it is more accurate to prefer cold white LED bulbs between 4000-6500 K in areas where work requiring reading or concentration is performed, hot white (yellow) light between 2700-3000 K values should be used in areas where rest and comfort are at the forefront. In addition, it should be noted whether it has an A+ or higher energy label for environmental and energy efficiency. Because the A+ symbol explains that the bulbs are very efficient. LED bulbs have an A+ or A++ energy class label. That is, an LED bulb helps reduce the electricity bill and therefore save money from the moment it is purchased with energy efficiency of up to 90 percent."

Philips Lighting, also known as Signify, has been present in the Turkish market for 88 years of its 127-year history. Eran Görgen underlines that they have always believed and trusted turkey's potential since the early years of the Republic and will continue to work with great diligence and dedication to make Turkey properly enlightened. Eran Görgen argues that as long as the efforts to ensure that the imported lighting products put into operation have a quality and a certain standard, a more environmentally conscious, more efficient, sustainable and healthier world where overall electricity consumption is reduced is not far away.


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