In this issue, we talked to Aysel Daysal Özaltınok, General Manager of Corporate Brand Management at Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, about PANASONIC SMART HOME SYSTEMS. Panasonic smart home systems provide significant advantages to both your building and the environment you live in thanks to its safety and energy efficiency.

Can you tell us about your company and product groups?

Founded in 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita and celebrating its 100th anniversary in March 2018, Panasonic operates globally with the goal of "A Better Life, a Better World", developing a wide range of products, systems and solutions, from consumer electronics products to industrial devices.

According to the results announced by Interbrand in 2018, there are 7 different groups of companies affiliated with Panasonic, which is ranked among the 100 most valuable brands in the world. We continue our activities under the company Life Solutions. Life Solutions Company, especially electrical installations and residential materials; it offers a comfortable space and enriched products for all lifestyles, including residences, offices, commercial facilities and smart cities. According to march 2019 figures, Panasonic's Turkey activities for our sector, which has approximately 582 ( consolidated companies and 272,000 employees, started in 2014 with its investment in VIKO, the leading and Super Brand brand of its sector.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, which currently includes the VIKO brand, operates in its industrial facilities in Istanbul with an employee of approximately 1,000 people and aims to bring innovative products and solutions that provide comfort, safety and energy efficiency to world markets and to offer a better and more comfortable 'life' with human-oriented approaches. Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, which has industrial facilities where all integrations required by technological transformation are implemented, successfully carries out R&D, innovation and design studies to produce products and solutions aimed at improving the quality of users' living spaces and to bring innovative products to market.

Panasonic Life Solutions is in Turkey's product range; electrical switches and sockets, group sockets, accessories, low voltage switch products, fuse boxes, electronic electricity meters, automatic meter reading systems, smart home and building automation systems, LED lighting products, professional hand tools, solar panels, security camera systems and fire detection systems.

Can you tell us about the highlights of your products in the field of intelligent living technologies?

Thea IQ Bùna Automation System, which we have introduced to the market within the scope of smart life technologies, allows you to apply the scenario you have already set at home thanks to very special technologies and software. Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey, also known as smart home systems, is one of the most important organizations bringing this technology to life in Turkey. Thea IQ Building Automation Systems; From air conditioning, lighting and curtain-blinds control to the integration of safety systems, it offers versatile solutions for comfort, energy saving and safety in a building or apartment. This system can be easily used both in homes, offices and commercial enterprises such as hotels and restaurants. If you want, you can watch your home from your smartphone or computer while on vacation, and also keep intruders away by turning on the lights or playing loud music at any time when you are not at home. It is possible to have similar comfort in business life. For example, if you're going to make a presentation, the office lights can be turned off automatically.

Thea IQ building automation systems can be equipped with touch screen and remote access systems, as well as easily applied to residences, shopping malls, hospitals and commercial buildings with simple applications for energy efficiency.

Thea IQ continues to be the choice of turkey's most prestigious projects thanks to its extensive features. Thanks to the IP-based intercom implemented by Thea IQ for the first time in Turkey, each apartment can video chat with the building's security guard via the panel where it controls automation. Projects using Thea IQ Smart Home Systems have a higher value than their peers. With Thea IQ in the coming period, we aim to be in all green building concept and smart villa home automation projects.

What are the latest trends in smart living technologies?

Technology offers exciting innovations to our lives every day. Some of these innovations aim to add more comfort to life. Especially with the world's transition to the digital age, technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are already becoming part of our daily lives. In addition, as the latest trends in smart living technologies, we can highlight applications that recognize the home user and work with voice commands. The use of this technology will increase soon. However, as the use of IOT (internet of the things) increases and robot technology develops; self-cleaning, recipe-based and safety-safe homes will also be offered to end users.

Can you tell us about the advantages of smart home systems in buildings?

We can say that there are 7 important advantages that smart home systems provide in buildings: these; comfort, safety, control, energy efficiency, accessibility, entertainment and information. Thanks to smart home systems, you can add comfort to your life by managing all the devices in your home from a single point. Likewise, when you integrate security and surveillance devices into your smart home network, you can instantly be notified of everything in your home while you're out. With smart home systems, every part of the house is now as close to you as a screen touch. You can monitor and control your home at any time from your smartphone or tablet. Again, with smart thermostats, automatic lights and motorized blinds, you can have precise control over the heating, cooling and lighting of your home and save energy. Smart homes also offer very important facilities for people with disabilities or elderly people. Such people have easy access to their TVs, lights, blinds, curtains, devices that adjust the house temperature and anything that can be connected to electricity via phone or voice command. You can also add more fun to your life with smart home systems. The smart home theater and sound system can easily help you manage your collection of movies and music. It is also possible to spread your TV viewing experience throughout the room and sync the light with music. On the other hand, thanks to smart homes, you can track how often you watch television or your energy consumption, so you can also analyze your daily habits and behaviors.

Would you share your goals and investment plans for this year?

In the coming period, we will continue to enrich our portfolio with a wide range of new product lines in the key-socket market, from standard to luxury segment. In addition, we plan to present many new products and solutions in the Panasonic product range to our customers over time. At Panasonic, we are second in the world in the electrical switch and socket industry. We have a large share in the market in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Thailand. However, our goal is to capture the summit in western Asia, europe and Africa.


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