Public Energy Efficiency Policies Can Grow The Domestic Market by 10-15 Percent


ATMK – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Committee on Lighting Prof. Dr. Sermin Onaygil underlined that Turkey should pay attention to exports and pointed out that we have the potential to become the world's production base in lighting by turning to design products with high added value.

Atmk Chairman Prof. Atmk Chairman, who has gained importance in recent years and drew attention to the issue of energy efficiency, which is among the strategic targets. Dr. Sermin Onaygil stated that the internal market for electrical lighting equipment offers significant growth potential. Onaygil stated that the evaluation of this potential is especially closely related to the policies and projects implemented by the public, and that the domestic market is projected to grow by 10 to 15 percent annually to reach $3.89 billion if the public imposes requirements to mobilize the renewal market, such as implementing LED exchange-oriented and smart city projects in line with the energy efficiency goal.

Industry's new goal: Create more added value with original design

Stating that our country is not yet at the levels it wants in lighting technologies, but in recent years we have started to stand out in the original design, ATMK President Onaygil, simultaneously with the IstanbulLight Fair held every two years, on September 18-19 with the main theme of "Qualified Lighting in Turkey". He stated that they will hold the National Lighting Congress. Onaygil stated that their aim is to focus on the issues that will add added value and guide the sector. Most importantly, your human resources, infrastructure, vision, knowledge and production characteristics need to have world-class technology. While its design and technology can earn only a few currencies in an outwardly dependent production, you can earn 10, 20, even 100 times if you can design originally. That should be our goal as an industry and that's what we want. There are also problems in the global world, but when well evaluated, these opportunities can turn into significant gains."


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