TAGO Architects under the leadership of Architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ, who is known for his global projects produced in different building typologies on a national and international scale; He received the title of "Design Center" with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with the aim of making the country's economy competitive at the international level.

Since its establishment, Tago Architects, led by Architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ, which has produced  more than 700 projects in the fields of architecture and interior architecture in Europe, Central Asia and the Far East in its offices in Tokyo, Bucharest, Kiev and Dubai outside its Istanbul head office, has obtained the qualification certificate and been awarded the title of "Design Center" by providing the criteria set by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

Tago Architects Founder Architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ; After being announced as a Design Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, he noted that as a company that has been serving abroad since its establishment in 1997, designers who have made long-term plans for the future in the international arena have observed that they have started the subject one step ahead:

"We define being stronger in global competition as our main goal. As Tago Architects, we have tried to achieve this goal with our own resources and plans so far. We have made an effort to improve our project delivery and working standards by comparing the programs we use with international standards. After becoming a Design Center, these efforts will continue to increase." Altuğ stated that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology's evaluation of Tago Architects from academic and sectoral perspectives constituted a process of self-rotation and self-control within the architectural office, and underlined that this situation is a source of morale and motivation for the architectural team by ensuring that it is outside the routine.

In addition to strengthening the working system by strictly controlling the working standards within the office, he added that they had the opportunity to measure their current projects more clearly in terms of time and quality.

Gökhan Aktan Altuğ, who emphasizes the importance of where and how knowledge is used rather than accessing information today, and that professional experience is the most valuable knowledge, plans to establish an education center after the title of "Design Center" and to bring together young and newly graduated architects and provide an environment where they can move faster in the profession: "Values are changing in the information age we live in. While accessing information was the most important and difficult acquisition in the previous generation, today information is everywhere and you are evaluated by how you use it. This makes professional experience more valuable than ever. In this sense, we aimed to establish a training center where we could easily transfer our own experiences to friends who have just stepped into the profession. This request became a real plan after becoming a design center."

Emphasizing that Turkish companies have the quality training and experience to serve in the international arena, Tago Architects Founder Gökhan Aktan Altuğ underlines that they will continue to fulfill the responsibilities necessary to serve in the architecture and construction sectors by taking the title of "Design Center", and will plan the necessary trainings to design in qualified and international norms.  In the future, we aim to make our own investments by focusing on the technologies of the future, not today, with a visionary perspective."



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