Time Travel with KONTRA Lighting Collection


KONTRA, which believes that contrasts create balance and harmony and has signed different product designs for interiors with its opposition to fabricated works that are repetition of each other, brings its new lighting collection to the user. Reflecting KONTRA's original design vision, the collection will be exhibited at the Maison&Objet Fair in Paris from September 8th to 12th.

KONTRA, under the direction of Interior Designer Gülşah Cantaş, who designs products that bring special solutions to the needs of the space with a holistic approach as well as contemporary interior design projects and applications, transfers classical forms from the past to the present with a modern understanding in its new lighting collection, while also making extraordinary references to Eastern mythology and cultural images of Istanbul from time to time.

Lampadarius, Look-up, Servant, Cone, Drop, Clarify, Orna, Robot and Tulip products in KONTRA's lighting collection combine the traces they carry from the past with today's material diversity, detail understanding and production techniques.

As an independent lighting element, lambader was a groundbreaking revolution in lighting in 17th century France, an indispensable part of today's living spaces… Lampadarius, adapted to the present day with KONTRA's design concept, reflects the perfect harmony of usability and style with brass, chrome, copper and electrostatic coating and leather head options.

Designed as a new interpretation of wall lighting with its copper body, Look-up appeals to interior decorations in different styles with brass and chrome alternatives. With its simple and elegant stance , Look-up shows its difference in line line.

Born from a combination of electrostatic painted black metal body and circular form solid walnut racks, Servant provides practicality and flexibility in lighting with its adjustable head. With this function, which gives its name to the design , Servant gets the most effective and indegrative appearance when used in combination with lounge seats.

Cone, which integrates lighting design with geometry and creates a dynamic effect indoors with its conical form, is contra's lighting that connects every point of the circle in a plane to another circle other than the plane. In the production of the product, which has two different dimensions, table top and floor, brass, chrome, red gold or electrostatic coating can be preferred different material variations…

Drop, which is a simple interpretation of the natural and aesthetic appearance including oak and walnut alternatives with its solid wooden body and brass components, is a pendant lighting that has become a focal point in the space with its fine structure and minimalist design.

The robot, which has a futuristic design, creates a high energy and dynamic image with sixteen bulbs in the mechanism surrounding the body, while its moving mechanism allows the user to format the design.

Tulip lampshade, in which the tulip figure, which became the symbol of the city by identifying with Istanbul, is reinterpreted with intertwined wires, is inspired by the story of the tulip created by the lightning that fell on the dew drop in Eastern mythology. When the metal body of the product meets the light, it flows beams of light onto the walls and furniture, just like that lightning that falls on the dewdrop…

Table lighting with solid oak head, brass connection components and electrostatic coating body Clarify meets the lean design of the vintage spirit… Clarify, which comes across as a different interpretation of the familiar, makes every place in which it is used a warm atmosphere.

With Orna , where the classic style is modernized with minimalist lines, a characteristic style dominates the interiors… Orna is a unique example of KONTRA's original design concept, where traditional lighting design is differentiated from brass, chrome, rose gold or electrostatic coating options according to preference and presented to the interiors…


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