With OSRAM, the era of remote control in street lighting begins


Like many of the devices and products we use, cities are becoming "smart" and starting to evolve according to the needs of the people living in them. With a new application designed by OSRAM to meet the different lighting requirements of the streets, street fixtures can be programmed wirelessly, lumen levels can be adjusted and easily maintained. Tuner4TRONIC Field application also saves a great deal of energy with dim feature.

 OSRAM has developed lighting solutions to suit the needs of smart cities and has designed a new application for streets where different lighting is needed. With the Tuner4TRONIC Field application, street lighting can only be adjusted, maintained or programmed wirelessly from where they are with a mobile phone. With the dim feature in the application, the lumen levels of the lighting are adjusted and energy is saved.

"We can also program the fixture waiting in the warehouse on the field"

Bringing to life that they have developed innovative solutions for street lighting to meet needs in cities and living spaces, OSRAM Turkey CEO Can Dikmen said, "With tuner4TRONIC Field application, we save time and cost in the installation, maintenance, storage and renovation of street fixtures. For example, by programming the manufactured and warehouse-ready fixture in the field according to the different lumen levels suitable for the need, we aim to save manufacturers time and save unnecessary stock diversity. We will continue to support the city structure of the future with our work."

LED drives are programmed wirelessly via NFC

OSRAM's mobile app Tuner4TRONIC Field enables LED drives to be programmed wirelessly and without energy via NFC (Near Field Communication) in the field. The Tuner4TRONIC Field app is available on all NFC-compatible smartphones. For smartphones without an NFC antenna, OSRAM also offers a portable NFC scanner as an alternative. Suitable for every fixture manufacturer, the application provides a free choice area. With the copy-paste function in OSRAM Tuner4TRONIC Field, the drive settings of a defective street fixture are copied and instantly transferred to the new drive. By wireless programming of Tuner4TRONIC Field, maintenance time and storage costs of street fixtures are reduced.



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