Asus Lighting participated in 41st Istanbul Construction 2018 Fair


Asus Lighting, one of the most important companies in the lighting industry, participated in the 41st Istanbul Building Fair held between 8 – 12 May 2018. 41. Istanbul Building Fair will continue until Saturday evening at Tuyap Congress and exhibition center.

Istanbul Building Fair (Turkeybuild), one of the 5 largest building fairs in the world that welcomes visitors from Asia / Europe and the Middle East and North Africa, opened its doors at Istanbul Tuyap Convention and Exhibition Center.

Information about Asus Lighting The company has been established since 1982 with the desire of its staff, which has been in the external lighting sector and has guided the market in technical and visionary terms for many years, to raise product quality and service standards to a different bar.

The projects he has completed under different identities have been appreciated by the world's leading construction companies and architects.

Today, by combining the experience he has accumulated over the years under the roof of asus lighting ; aims to provide its customers with much better quality, much faster and much more innovative solutions. It blends traditional art with modern technologies with the softness of aluminum with high road lighting, park-garden lighting, city furniture, railings, pavilions and many more decorative products.

By strengthening products with electrical and electronic equipment of giant brands that are accepted worldwide, we act with the awareness that keeping the quality of products and production at international standards will make us the leader of the sector. The reason we want to be known that we will be the last to leave the field in all kinds of projects with our application and after-sales services is because of our confidence in our products and because we actually see the companies we sell as our partners, not our customers.


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