Innovative Design Creating a New Working Culture from Mimarstudio: Basf Turkey Office


Mimarstudio, which stands out for its work on the next generation of workplaces, biophilic design and "well-being" centered on human beings, designed the new office of basf, the world chemical industry giant, in Turkey.The approaches that cause employees at all levels to socialize, interact and be in an environment where they feel good both physically and mentally as long as they are in the office are integrated with environmental and sustainable design criteria and embodied in dynamic office design dominated by the company's corporate colors.

The new Turkey Office design, carried out with the leadership and cooperation of Basf Administrative Affairs and Real Estate Management, spans a total area of 5,500 m2, consisting of 2 floors with a net usage area of 2,500 m2 in the Nida Kule North building in West Atasehir, istanbul's developing business and financial center. With the signature of Mimarstudio , which is known for its contemporary and innovative office projects designed for the leading corporate companies of Turkey and the world, a brand new working and living space has been established by changing the working culture and habits of the company in the new design, which has been moved from a multi-storey and introverted physical working structure to an open office system based on horizontal architecture.

In the new office design, where the reception and main reception venue are planned on a separate floor, the two floors are connected by architecturally designed stairs. With the podium areas created next to the vertical circulation service of the staircase, Mimarstudio, which directs the employee to physical activity and also creates the meeting, gathering and socializing points of the office, has created dynamic and energizing sections with the emphasis on corporate color in these areas.

Product Designs Centered on Human…

In the design, where all employees are planned together and in co-working stations regardless of position and position, socialization, meeting and meeting spaces are designed that serve different purposes in order to prevent monotony and repetition of each other. Architecturestudio design products come to the forefront among the products selected for different uses in these areas designed both between units and within the units themselves. In addition to the Nurus production interview shells (Office Stop) and axial separator acoustic panels signed by Ayça Akkaya Kul, the same designer signed Connection Turkey production seating groups (Rom&Jul) make the office different and unusual… For meetings, meetings and training rooms of different capacities and numbers, the choice of architects was in the direction of ergonomic work seats and electronic height-adjusted tables.

Design Integrated with Corporate Identity…

As in all its projects, The Basf Office considers the entire space design as a whole with the subdisciplines of floor, wall, ceiling, lighting, acoustic, landscape, graphic design, furniture, following the correct planning process completed, and designed the entire space as a holistic shell with complementary elements. In the design, where the innovative, dynamic and colorful identity of the company is emphasized with the different forms, forms and geometric uses of fine building materials, the corporate colors of the company are also used in a lightly used in the space designs.

In the new office design, which is also an important work to be the showcase face of the company due to its global identity, polyurethane coating material was applied on the floors of the stairs, stair podium areas, meeting rooms planned in the open office, interview rooms and common socialization areas where these rooms were opened by including the fine building materials produced by the company. Acoustic "basotect" product, which is one of the strong product groups of the company, also comes to life in an aesthetic language with its Mimarstudio design. Giant installations designed together with the lighting element on the staircase gallery cavity are among the relevant details of the project, while the panels in the meeting and training rooms and recreation area ceilings are original parts of the spaces with the unusual use of the material in addition to its acoustic purpose.

Design Criteria Shaped for Employee Health and Motivation…

In the project, where the entire office is managed with automation system, lighting design was planned by Mimarstudio as part of the whole design and professional support was obtained for technical measurement and calculations. In different geometries and jeans, ceiling plates designed with different fine building materials are highlighted by their irregular geometric structure but with homogeneous lighting distribution. In addition to the products that appeal to the general public with tension ceiling, linear and point light sources, acoustic lighting products were preferred for the purpose of use of the space where it was used in some of the decorative products with LED technology.

In the open working and living areas, the acoustic criteria that should be planned together with the design process, as well as the suitability of the design and material choices discussed in line with the professional consultancy service received in this project, were confirmed by the employee comments and satisfaction in practice. At the end of the whole study, the project received full marks from the employer not only as a working but also as a LEED candidate living space with its approach that reflects the employer's innovative, environmentally friendly and colorful corporate identity and focuses on the happiness and motivation of employees.



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