FERMADA became the first company in led lighting class to receive conformity approval


According to the LED Light Sourced Road Lighting Fixtures Technical Specification published by TEDAŞ, FERMADA became the first company to receive compliance approval in the LED Lighting Class

Fermada LED Lighting was the first company to receive conformity approval in the classes it applied to as a result of the examination of the application files submitted by the manufacturers to TEDAŞ for the LED fixtures to be used within the scope of general lighting. "Certificate of Conformity to Specification" was given to FERMADA LED Lighting, which is a Group A brand. The certificate was presented by TEDAŞ General Manager Mr. Omer Sami YAPICI to Mr. Mustafa BÖYET, Chairman of the Board of Directors of A Group.

At the Certificate Ceremony held at TEDAŞ General Directorate, tedaş and the state's expectations from this great project, the important attacks made by our country in domestication and nationalization and the A Group; we exchanged views on the contributions made in critical sectors such as lighting, energy, defense and aviation and the importance of energy saving.

Mr. Mustafa BÖYET, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group A, has carried out strong studies in our Group R&D center on the provision of challenging substances in the technical specification presented and the work has been successful with the right team management. As A Group Companies, we are proud to take part again in one of such important projects for our country with our Fermada brand. Our applications as FERMADA LED Lighting will continue for the new classes in the project. Said


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