In today's conditions, we see that efficient use of electricity and energy saving have become even more important.

In this Month's article, we will talk about what users who prefer Led products should pay attention to in choosing accurate, long-lasting and efficient fixtures.

Now we observe that the number of LED lighting products is increasing day by day in the LED lighting market, where both the price and effectiveness of LED products are increasing, and completely LED fixtures are preferred in the newly made projects.
However, we are witnessing that consumers still do not fully know the technique of the business, that the technical sales personnel of the competitors in the sector are not equipped enough, that consumers have obtained false information and that they are quite confused.

To return to our topic, I would like to point out first of all that the high electrical power (W) of the Led fixture does not mean that the fixture is efficient. The light flux that we receive in return for the power consumed in unit time, i.e. Lumen (Lm) A technical term that comes across as Lm/W (Lumen Per Watt) for the proportion of these two should be our basic benchmark.

We can measure power with a simple socket-type wattmeter, but we need a complex measuring device called the Ulbricht Sphere or Gonyo photometer to measure lumeter. These measurements should be carried out in an accredited optical laboratory and manufacturers should be able to present these documents to their customers at any time.

In addition, if we briefly mention the concept of lux lumens, which is mixed a lot, the lux, i.e. the luminous intensity, is called the division of the light flux falling on the unit area by square meters. Lux=Lm/m² We can easily make this measurement with a luxmeter that we can obtain from anywhere.

While the luminaire luminance does not change in the short term, its luminous intensity (lux) is inversely proportional to the distance and the optical output angle of the luminaire affects the level of lux. For example, the output angles of the two luminously equal fixtures are different from each other and the angle of the lux measurement is carried out from the same distance, and the luminaire with a narrow angle provides a higher level of lux in the narrower area on the ground.

The second important parameter is the cooling capacity of the fixture, they should pay attention to the fact that the cooling feders (fins) behind the fixture are high and frequent rather than the weight of the consumers when making the purchase.

Considering the fact that the fixtures with little or no wings in the rear form can work in hot environments and at the point of rapid transfer of heat produced in leds to the atmosphere by convection method, we can understand that it is a very important issue that affects the lifespan of the fixture.

The third important issue is the quality and parameters of the driver. CC (Constant Current) LED drives that produce constant current due to the structure of leds in LED fixtures prefer edilmelidir.Biz we prefer global branded LED drivers that have quality and production standards in the fixtures we have produced.
Drivers should be efficient first, drivers with electrical losses below 92-95% should not be preferred because energy will be used inefficiently.

Power factor (Pf) : Power coefficient is a concept expressed as a phase difference between current and voltage and is an important factor affecting other receiving devices that reduce the efficiency of the electrical network and increase their losses. Drivers with Pf ≥0.95 should be preferred.

Total Harmonic distortion %THD : it is a very important issue that can lead to a single condition that can cause large short circuits and fires by taking the system to resonance, which causes the sinusoidal waveform of the network to deteriorate and the frequency to change.% Thd Voltage component must be below 5% below 15% in Current component.

Another important aspect is the ability to withstand sudden temporary overvoltage caused by lightning lightning in the network (Surge Immunity) While 1-2 Kv can be sufficient between the Phase neutral line in indoor fixtures, it should be capable of withstanding a minimum of 4-6Kv or even 10 Kv in drivers used in outdoor areas and mountainous areas. Parafudr or SPD (Surge Protection Device) must be used to prevent bulk fixture failures in large projects.

In addition, the quality of other components of Led fixtures affects the total quality of the product. It is important that after surface protection procedures are carried out for outdoor products, the optical materials such as LED reflectors are highly permeable and reflective ratios, the fixture glass is tempered and low iron ratio qualified fixture glass, the fasteners and fasteners are made of stainless material, especially sealing elements are selected from quality special materials.


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