Sylvania Lighting Has Received a Lot of Attention!


Sylvania Lighting received a lot of attention at the Factory Summit, which produces its energy with industrial lighting products!

Sylvania Lighting, which has a global and wide product range in state-of-the-art professional LED and architectural lamp/fixture lighting solutions, took part in the Energy Generating Factories Summit held at Viaport Marina Expo Center between 05-07 October.

The event brings together companies operating in the field of energy efficiency with industry professionals, where investments in energy costs with the largest share in industrial production are the main focus; It was organized as one of the leading activities of the sector today, where the importance of creating a sustainable and ecological environment becomes more and more important.

Sylvania participated in the summit with its product range, which included its global products as well as the local products it produces in Turkey; brought its products with high energy efficiency and contributing to energy costs to industry professionals.

Commenting at the Sylvania Lighting stand, Sylvania Lighting Turkey Product Marketing Manager Togay Akbas stated that Sylvania, which started operations in the Turkish market in 2017, is in high demand in the domestic market and "As Sylvania, we have been offering lighting solutions to the sector for more than 100 years with our name and quality that have not changed since the first day. In addition to our global products in the Turkish market, we continue to serve with our new domestic products, especially in 2021. We become solution partners for projects with our innovative and modern lighting solutions.

Our brand already has a very important position in the European market. Likewise in the Far East market. Our aim is to convey the quality of Sylvania products to our users in the most accurate way in the domestic market." While stating that the Energy Generating Factories Summit, which draws attention to energy efficiency and low energy consumption, is of great importance in terms of introducing industrial product ranges to industry professionals and expressing their contributions to energy efficiency as a brand in the sector, he stated that the intense interest of the participants in the Sylvania brand and state-of-the-art products with low energy consumption during the event was very pleasing.

Stating that they are especially suitable for industrial use at the summit, Akbas said, "Energy efficiency is one of the most important issues as a company. Our SylSmart solutions, which we produce as a brand while maintaining the mission of respecting the environment and nature and which we rely on both their quality and their contribution to creating a sustainable world, which saves more than 75% thanks to lighting automation, received a lot of attention during the summit. In order not to leave this interest in Sylvania unanswered, we continue our R&D efforts to improve our products every day as a brand and continue to produce products that will contribute to energy efficiency."


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