BCÇ Elektronik, which has a two-year history in the lighting sector, makes a name for itself with its product investments. BcÇ Electronics Chairman Murat YILDIZ, who started by saying that "investment must be made for an independent production", explained the point they reached in two years for the readers of our journal.

 First of all, can we get to know your company well?

In 2018, we established BCÇ Elektronik to produce lighting products. Our goal in the first period was to develop with the right steps and equity as much as possible, and we achieved this in a two-year period. In 2019, we made serious investments. We have set a target for larger investments in 2020 and we aim to grow our company in this direction

What are your main product groups as BCÇ ELECTRONICS?

As BCÇ Electronics, our main production group is sensor. We continue our activities in sensor and sensor lighting product groups. In addition, other groups of fixtures are products. We also produce the dental lighting products needed by focusing more on indoor lighting products.

In the last quarter of 2019, we moved to LED bulb production, which we invested in. Here we produce a wide variety of LED Bulbs. But our biggest main pen is our sensor and sensor luminaire lighting products.

There is currently an LED bulb production attack in Turkey. What would you like to say about that?

There is a serious deficit in our country and the Middle East market regarding led bulbs. I don't think this gap can be filled with a few firms right now. With this investment, we try to grow our share in the market. We're getting serious requests right now. For this reason, we want to make ourselves permanent up there by selling quality products instead of selling a lot of products. This will protect you as a brand as it is reflected in the customer relationship. Risks arise in finished products that are currently imported. Our government has now taken serious additional measures for the LED Bulb. We can't just look at it as an LED bulb. Many product groups have come into this scope. For this reason, a deficit was born and companies came out to evaluate it.

 You mentioned the difficulties of bringing imported products from abroad. What are the challenges here? Can we point to some of the new measures introduced by the state as reasons?

As mentioned above, our state recently introduced additional taxation system and additional inspections for lighting products, especially light bulbs. As a result, it has resulted in significant losses in the market shares of companies that are brands in the European lighting market in Turkey. In addition, products from the far east are similarly restricted. TSE and poor quality products that do not meet certain criteria are not allowed to enter. In addition, an additional tax was introduced on finished products, paving the way for domestic producers. There are serious investments and branding at the moment. Due to the concern of the world about what will happen in trade from today to tomorrow, some additional measures prevail in every country.

 Currently, lighting product entry to Turkey is mainly through China. What are the challenges you have in competing for finished products at this point?

There will always be a CHINA factor in the world. It is impossible to say that every product from China is poor quality. We need to take good care of the companies that do this. Selling and producing lighting products is a bit of a technical issue. In this respect, it is very important that the consumer is conscious. We need to prevent the damage caused by commercial organizations that evaluate the gap between the seller and the buyer's inability to know. There are dealers who don't know what the Kelvin value of the lumen and wattage relationship is.

As a company, we sell the right products without sacrificing quality from day one. Especially since we are export oriented (Middle East, Central Asia, etc.), what is requested from us is to send the products in accordance with the measurements. We are showing the necessary sensitivity in this regard.

Basic products (Led, driver, lens, etc.) especially needed by the lighting industry in TurkeyDiscontinued. What would you like to say about that?

I recently had a visit to China and we were in contact with two major companies (plastics manufacturers) who intend to do this there. We have now started to make the lower molds and top molds of the bulb in Turkey. On the electronics side, we are aiming for another investment based on potential, other than our current machinery investment. The possibility of removing dependence on the outside is that we can definitely achieve it in terms of product. However, I think it is too early to minimize our dependence on electronic products abroad. Because Led production unfortunately does not exist in Turkey. Aluminum PCV production is very weak in Turkey. However, certain formations are currently being made in terms of spare parts on the plastic parts side. In particular, we had the tape fixture machine brought in from China. We are soon starting the production of plastic and sheet metal fixture molds in Turkey. We are doing our best to reduce the dependence of other luminaire groups as much as possible. It is very important for us to invest and produce in Turkey. Because you always have to be one step ahead.

Turkey has made a major breakthrough in lighting, especially in the last five years. As someone who knows the foreign markets, how do you evaluate the point turkey has reached in lighting?

I can say that the lighting in Turkey has progressed a lot. But this process needs to mature a little more. As mentioned above, a serious sub-industry is needed to become fully independent. Companies with experience from us need to change concepts so that they can meet the needs of new manufacturers like us. It is imperative that we become more profitable by producing qualified lighting products. At the moment, the shortage of trained personnel continues in the sector. In this respect, it is important to ensure good professional competence of our young population.

What will be your goal next and do you plan to invest for 2020?

As BCÇ Elektronik, we have achieved the sales figures that are set every year and even exceeded this target. Instead of disproportionate growth, we want to move forward by keeping our own equity targets stable. We are not considering a branding in Turkey in 2020. In 2021, we will act according to the conditions of the market. Then we will start to use our brand investment more actively. We want to be at the forefront with our products during this period. We think this idea will bring our brand somewhere.

 BCÇ Electronics Chairman Murat YILDIZ SOY



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