We talked with Yakup Piraz, one of the co-founders of Formal Lighting, who has become one of the important brands of the Lighting sector with hundreds of employees and thousands of products, and the point of the sector.

When and how did your company start its commercial activities?

 Our company Sidki Piraz, Fahrettin Oymak and I started our activity in 1977 by Yakup Piraz in a small shop on Beyoglu Kuledibi Haci Ali street. Then we moved to a shop on the municipal street and in 1992 to our workplace, which we now use as a center. In 2004, after opening a new branch in Kucukköy Chandeliers Site, we moved our production to our new factory in Ümraniye.

What are your company's product groups?

Formal Lighting provides the supply of all the parts needed by the chandelier and lighting industry. Especially sensor group, Plug Cables, Arapuar plug cables, Plastic Stalactites are the products that we are pioneering as manufacturing. In addition, we supply and sell metal accessories, transmission cables, decorative cables, electrical materials.

What are the characteristics of the products you produce and what are the similarities?

 We have been manufacturing Duy groups covering the majority of our production for 42 years. All our products that we manufacture have the necessary quality norms and quality certificates.We reflect 42 years of knowledge and experience in our products.

 What would you like to say about your production facilities and employees?

 Since 2004, our production continues in a closed area of 2500 m2 in Ümraniye. We are a company with a state-of-the-art production track. Our injection machines belong to the German brand ARBURG.With the automation investments we have made in recent years, we continue our production without compromising quality by increasing our daily manufacturing capacity.

 Does your company budget for R&D studies? How are your R&D studies?

 Our company is among the world's leading brands in lighting parts manufacturing. Thanks to our company's innovative thinking, the lighting sector can follow the innovations in the world using domestic products. To be able to make an economic contribution to our country in this regard is a source of pride for our company. By constantly offering new products, we provide new needs to sector companies quickly without importing them from abroad. We have a production skill that follows the developing innovations and works in this direction

Do you export the products you produce? Which countries do you mainly sell your products to?

Our products; It is exported to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia and turki republics. In addition, our products are used indirectly on 7 continents with the exports made by our customers in the domestic market using our products. As a company, we have experienced staff in this regard.

 What would you like to say about your company's short and long term goals?

 Our company aims to meet the needs of the domestic market by continuously increasing its manufacturing capacity and quality, as well as to increase our export rate by expanding its marketing network.

 Do you provide technical support when there is a problem with the products you sell? What are your solutions in this regard?

 We provide all kinds of support related to our own manufactured products and consider it our duty to fully meet all the needs of our customers. The quality of our products keeps the needs in this direction low.

 What would you like to say about your company's quality policy?

 Since 2016, our company has started to work together by signing a quality contract with TUV-SUD. With this partnership, we aim to ensure continuity by further improving our existing quality.

 What is the point when you look at the sector from the past to the present with your knowledge and experience? What would you like to say about the industry competing with the world?

 The production of Chandelier Parts, which was based in Europe in the 90s, registered in China in the 2000s. Our company has not required our sector to import with its high quality-low price policy since the day it was founded. Our next effort is to use the geopolitical advantages of our country to become a brand that allows other countries to accept this power that we provide inside and to contribute to the country's economy.

 What are the problems you are experiencing as an industry and what are your suggestions for solving them?

 The biggest problem of the manufacturers in our sector is the introduction of unsupervised import products. Poor quality products entering at low prices cause great harm to the sector and the country.The import of poor quality products should be banned with simple measures taken by the authorities in this regard. There must be a quality standard. Domestic producers who create added value to the country's economy can be prevented from being put in a difficult situation. We provide our sector companies with the necessary advantages in all matters as domestic producers.

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