Waldmann Welcomes Turkish Guests at German Factory


Pinar Engineering organized a trip to the German factory of the Waldmann Lighting brand, which it distributors with the officials of the leading companies in the sector.

During the trip, which took place between April 25 and April 27, visitors were informed about the design, production and R&D studies of Waldmann lighting products with new generation LED technology.

During the visit, Waldmann's special light room for general lighting applications attracted a lot of attention. By comparing old-fashioned fluorescent lighting products with Waldmann LAVIGO, visitors were very impressed that lavigo alone provided 2 times more lighting than 12 fluorescent lightings in the light room and spent up to 10% energy compared to fluorescent lighting.

Technical information about Waldmann lighting products was conveyed in the presentation rooms for visitors who also examined the design, production and final control lines of high ceiling lighting fixtures (ACANEO, TAUREO).

Lens structure, R&D studies and production areas of the quality control lighting fixture (TAMETO) were examined. Visitors were informed about their usage areas, the amount of lux they provided and the next generation of LED technology


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