NEOLINE is in the Turkish Lighting Market….


Neoline Turkey, denmark's most important lighting company that has proven its quality with high ceiling lighting products, opened its office in the last months of 2017.

Zarife YÜCEL, who was born in Denmark, completed her education in Denmark and started her business life in European companies, carries out the Office Directorate of Turkey.

Welcoming us to the Istanbul office as Lighting Technical Magazine, NEOLINE Turkey Office Manager Zarife Yucel and Project and Sales Manager Serhat Görmün shared their products and the company's Turkey goals. They stated that they will add a separate quality and competition to our country's lighting sector especially with their energy-saving products.

Explaining that they are especially ambitious with High Ceiling Lighting products, Project and Sales Manager Serhat Görmün announced that they will break all the rules with two new products they will present. He explained that there are serious problems with energy saving and energy efficiency in industrial facilities in our country, the energy costs of production facilities in our country have risen to very high levels, the most important reason for this is due to the wrong product selection applied in the projects.

NEOLINE Turkey Office Manager Zarife Yucel stated that the happiest country in Europe is countries such as Denmark and Norway, mainly due to the importance given to lighting in business and living areas, a store with good lighting attracts people and motivates a well-lit business environment staff. European companies are very advanced in this regard, but in our country he said that when people listen to us about it, they see that they do not get caught up in the cost part.



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