Turkcell and Signify Come Together for Efficient Energy


Turkcell, which develops Turkey's smart urbanization infrastructure, and Signify, the world leader in lighting, have signed a new protocol on energy efficiency. Within the scope of the cooperation of Turkcell and Signify, energy efficiency digital transformation begins in the public and private sectors. This co-operation will also contribute to the $30.2 billion in energy savings Turkey plans to achieve by 2033.

London, Singapore, Seoul, New York, Helsinki are among the smart cities of the world. Research suggests that more than 80 percent of the population in developed countries will start living in cities by 2050. As a result, smart city applications shaped in different fields from artificial intelligence to digital health services to energy efficiency are gaining momentum in Turkey as well as all over the world.

The list of "smart cities", which will have a total market value of more than 2 trillion dollars by 2025, includes many major cities in our country, especially Istanbul. Turkcell and Philips Lighting, formerly known as Philips Lighting, and Signify, are among the companies working on this topic that sits on the agenda of the world. Finally, in the public and private sectors, the two giants came together to lead the digital transformation of energy efficiency and signed an important protocol. Signify's "Connected lighting system" will be combined with Turkcell's smart cities infrastructure technology within the scope of the protocol signed at a ceremony attended by Signify Global CEO and Chairman Eric Rondolat, Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioglu, and Signify Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan President and CEO Göktuğ Gür.

The protocol, which will move forward on the basis of ESCO's (Energy Service Companies) LED conversion model, which enables businesses to reduce the cost of energy used, also provides energy management services and finance energy efficiency-related investments on request, focuses on making the energy used by cities in lighting more efficient.

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, households and businesses make up 60 percent of the world's energy use. Street lighting causes 15 percent of total electricity usage. For this reason, efficient energy use is improving day by day in Turkey as well as all over the world.

"We are working to contribute to our country's savings goal"

He commented: "As we enter the digital age, we continue to lead the transformation of the lighting industry towards LED lighting by providing opportunities such as energy services to reduce costs by increasing energy efficiency for the public and private sectors. With the growing population and urbanization in Turkey, the issue of energy efficiency is now more important than ever. Thanks to this new initiative, we will help Turkey achieve its energy saving goals by making the most of the knowledge we have and contribute more to the development of smart cities."

As the world's first digital operator, they pay special attention to efficient energy use.

Turkcell General Manager Kaan Terzioglu said, "We set out to equip all cities in our country with our smart city infrastructure. We want to develop solutions that increase efficiency by minimizing both uninterrupted and energy consumption. The focus of our collaboration with Signify is solutions for both energy and life efficiency in cities. We produce projects to use Turkey's energy more efficiently. In this way, we are working to contribute to our country's $30.2 billion savings target."

Signify Middle East and Turkey CEO Göktuğ Gür Stating that the ESCO model has been successfully implemented in the region, especially by Signify, he said: "Turkey can set an example to the world in many projects with its industrial infrastructure. In 2015, we replaced 8500 lighting points in two power plants with LED lighting with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). At the end of 2016, 21 million AED of the money spent on investment was recovered in 3.5 years, resulting in 68% targeting total electricity consumption and 75% energy savings. We also replaced 7000 GreenParking systems and a total of 28,000 lighting points at dubai International Finance Center in Dubai. Last week we signed a contract with super ESCO Etihad at The Dubai Wetex exhibition to sign 133,000 lighting points at Dubai Airport, including performance management with Philips LED products. Together with Turkcell, we will strive to optimize modeling in line with the expectations of our country.


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