Sylvania "Explained To Avoid Misunderstanding"


"Schreder is acquiring Sylvania and Austube," some communication channels report, and he has no connection to The Feilo Sylvania Turkey, a company owned by Hungary-based Feilo Sylvania, which operates under the umbrella of Chinese-based Feilo Acoustics, with the Sylvania, Lumiance and Concord brands.

Sylvania Australia was created in the 1990s after a division between Osram and Sylvania following a global acquisition. The brand continued in North America under the auspices of Osram – Sylvania (currently the license is exclusively owned by LEDvance in North America and is used as Sylvania).

Schreder acquired the Sylvania Australia organization, owned by Gerard Lighting, and the right to use the brand only in the Australian continent. Feilo Sylvania has had no connection to structures in North America and Australia since the split in the 90s. Feilo owns the brands of Sylvania, Lumiance and Concord at Sylvania Global and is the sole owner of the right to use it in Central-Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We respectfully announce it to the public.
Feilo Sylvania TR Electrical Products Tic. Ltd. Sti.


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