AI era in lighting with SylSmart


SylSmart, an integrated lighting solution powered by artificial intelligence, saves up to 65% energy in large buildings such as plazas, hospitals and schools with its high technology that predicts in-building mobility. SylSmart, which does not require any additional engineering investments, pays for itself in 2 years.

Felio Sylvania introduces the SylSmart family of smart lighting solutions that use up-to-date smart lighting controls, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data to meet the smart lighting needs of businesses of all sizes. This latest family of solutions combines feilo sylvania's power with IoT and big data to transform lighting products into services for connected buildings and smart cities. Sylvania, one of the world leaders in the lighting industry with its long history, saves high energy with its high-tech SylSmart lighting systems at low initial investment costs in high energy consumption buildings such as plazas, hospitals, schools, airports and data centers. Established at an initial investment cost of 30% lower than Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) systems, SylSmart offers the most efficient lighting by predetermining in-building mobility with its AI-powered technology. SylSmart provides 35% more efficiency than smart lighting solutions and achieves 65% energy savings compared to standard lighting systems. SylSmart solutions, which are offered for sale with a 5-year warranty, pay for themselves in an average of 2 years.

Right lighting in the right place, at the right time

While the intelligent lighting system makes its own programming, it benefits from the predictions developed by artificial intelligence regarding mobility within the building. Smart sensors on each fixture can detect movement in the environment in real time. Thanks to the fixtures that share the information about which direction the movement will continue via Bluetooth, lighting is realized only where it is needed, at the right time and at the right level. This saves up to 35% extra energy compared to DALI systems. Lighting systems are controlled from the smartphone app or via the smart switch, which generates its own energy via wireless and Bluetooth.

Effortless and cost-free installation

SylSmart, which does not require data cable, electronic board, automation material or engineering service, only works with mains voltage. Installation on a floor scale or building scale is easy without the need for any additional wiring. All high-tech intelligent control systems are located inside the fixture. This eliminates engineering-required installation costs and compliance issues. The fixtures automatically make their own adjustments as soon as they are installed. Easily controlled fixtures with smartphone apps; it provides the highest energy efficiency without ignoring the comfort of the residents.

Comfort and savings combined

Each SylSmart luminaire includes an integrated Sensor Nodu motion sensor, two-way infrared transmitters, ambient bright sensor and an intelligent microprocessor. Therefore, each fixture has the ability to operate like a system in its own right. SylSmart fixtures thus automatically detect their environment from the moment they are installed and perform their own installation settings in the most efficient way without the need for any additional programming. The control algorithm creates the most comfortable environment for residents. SylSmart fixtures, which avoid discomfort by making instantaneous changes in light intensity, gradually increase the light level as soon as they detect someone approaching. Thanks to the large number of sensors and efficiency-oriented algorithms used in lighting, much more precise control is carried out than central control systems. This ensures the highest level of energy savings.


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