Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival


Preparing for the Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival We are preparing for the Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival in cooperation with the Association of Lighting Industrialists Businessmen and sultangazi chandeliers site and ANTHEA.

More than 50 Chandelier producers, importers and retail stores in the region are expected to participate in the festival, which will be held in the region covering the Sultangazi Chandeliers Site and its surroundings between 13 -19 April 2020.

Stating that they are preparing to welcome foreign customers, Anatolian wholesale customers, architects, decorators, project offices, lighting designers who export chandeliers from abroad within the framework of the festival, Aydsİad president Mustafa Hastaoglu stated that they are preparing to present their newly developed products and collections to their professional customers this season.

Huseyin Sarıçan, head of sultangazi chandeliers site, who stated that the site, which was founded about 20 years ago for the production of chandeliers in Sultangazi district of Istanbul, moved to the Kucukköy region, especially the Sultangazi region, after being affected by urban transformation and the development of beyoglu region as a tourist attraction point, stated that the workplaces within the Site have changed from manufacturing to stores in recent years.

Stating that the Sultangazi Chandeliers Site and the chandelier stores in the region and the Sultangazi Chandeliers Region are a magnet for those planning to shop for chandeliers, ANTHEA co-founder Mehmet SHOPCI stated that aydsİad and chandeliers site management decided to organize the Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival and took on the responsibility of managing the festival on behalf of both institutions so that the region could be heard throughout Istanbul. The Shopkeeper, who announced that they are in a period of rapid planning regarding the Sultangazi Chandeliers Festival, completed their preparations and announced their announcements in a short time.


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