Yusem Led, which produces products for the lighting sector with the slogan "Change the light, change the world", was entitled to receive the document given to companies that produce safely due to the treatments it received during the pandemic period.

NOAS Lighting, which produces lighting products in a 20,000m2 production facility in Istanbul Principality, was awarded the "TSE COVID-19 SAFE PRODUCTION CERTIFICATE" by the Turkish Standards Institute as a result of the measures it took before the pandemic hit our country and the high sensitivity it showed to these measures during the pandemic period.

NOAS brand YUSEM LED ELECTRONICS LTD. Sti. In 2010, it was launched in Karaköy under the slogan "Change the light, change the world". Since the establishment of the NOAS brand, its basic principle has been to advance with the goal of continuous development and with it, it strives for the development of the Turkish Electronics-Lighting sector. In addition, as NOAS, it is among our main missions to become one of the most respected companies in the sector and to compete with them by moving towards branding.
However, our aim is to offer you the best quality product at the best price. In this way, we meet the needs and demands of our valued customers and provide the best service by prioritizing innovation and creativity with our experienced technical team.
NOAS; In 2016, it started the production of lighting fixtures in Turkey with its 20,000m2 production and storage facility located in The Beylikdüzü Organized Industrial Zone.
About The Company
Noas brand was made actual as reserved brand of YUSEM LED ELECTRONICS LTD. Sti. at Karaköy in 2010 with the slogan "change the light, change the world". The main principle of Noas since it has been found , is to keep progress with development and making effort for helping to improve turkish electronic and lighting sector. Also as Noas, one of the world-wide reputable brands and competes with the main mission.
At the same time, our mission is presenting the best quality products with the best prices to you. That's why, we provide the best service to you with our experienced technical crew by prioritising innovation.
NOAS; Enters the formation in 2016, with production and storage facilities situated on 20,000m2 in the Principality Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey has started the production of lighting fixtures.
about the company


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