The Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law No. 7223, which will take effect on March 12, 2021, and the Energy Labeling and Environmentally Sensitive Design Requirements for Application Regulations and light sources that will take effect on September 1, 2021, are a new stage requiring serious changes for our industry.

"Market Supervision and Supervision in Lighting Products Is Hosted by AGİd under the heading "Ministries Meet.C Ministry of Industry and Technology and T.C. Mr. Fahir Gök, chairman of the Board of Directors of agİd, delivered the opening speech of the meeting held on November 6, 2020 with the participation of valuable speakers who are experts in the subject of the Ministry of Commerce.

After the opening speech, Mr. Zeynep Akkaya, secretary general of the AGİD, who mentioned the importance of market supervision and supervision on behalf of all parties in different aspects such as life and property safety and then unfair competition and its impact on energy efficiency, said that "Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law and Implementation Regulations" .C. Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection, Trade Specialist Mr. Begüm Alp Apaydin. The aim of the Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law no. 7223 and the Implementation Regulations, which will come into force on March 12, 2021, is primarily to provide safe and complied products to the domestic market, to free movement of goods in the EU market and to strengthen the image of Turkish Goods in exports.

Secondly, T.C. Mr. Sezen Leventoglu, Head of The Department of Quality Infrastructure and Market Supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of Product Safety and Supervision, gave information about "Quality Infrastructure and Market Supervision and Supervision in Our Country". First of all, from the four elements of the quality infrastructure; Mr. Leventoglu continued his remarks with detailed explanations on conformity assessment, accreditation, standardization, metrology and explained that market supervision and supervision should be carried out on imported products and on all domestic and imported products in the domestic market. Reminding that consumers should check the safety of the products they will buy and certain information and signs on the product with the slogan "We are all Auditors", he reminded that we are an important part of the product safety system, that we should not be unresponsive to unsafe products, and that we should always communicate our complaints.

T.C. On behalf of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Sanem Yildiz, head of the Import Inspections Department of the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection, received the final say and gave information about the implementation of "Import Controls and TAREKS". While referring to the innovations introduced to the system with TAREKS, he stated that ce marking should be attached in accordance with ce mark and proper AT Declaration of Conformity.

Meeting, T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Metrology and Industrial Product Safety, General Directorate of Industry and Technology Mr. Melik Huseyin Hamitoğulleri continued with the presentation of "New Legislation and PGD Activities in Lighting Products within the Scope of Energy Efficiency". Stating that the new legislation, which also requires serious changes in lighting products, is a new stage for the sector, Mr. Hamitoğulleri added that preparations should start as an industry as soon as possible. A brand new page is opened with light sources and product definitions containing them.

T.C the final presentation of the meeting. Ministry of Industry and Technology, General Directorate of Metrology and Industrial Product Safety Industry and Technology Specialist Mr. Ugur Bulut performed. The manufacturer, who stands out in the valuable information shared under the heading "Market Supervision and Supervision Activities and Responsibilities of Manufacturers and Importers within the scope of the Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Certain Voltage Limits (2014/35/EU), is that the manufacturer prepares the technical file after designing and manufacturing the product in accordance with the basic requirements, and edits the EU declaration of conformity and attaches the CE marking.

After these processes, the product may be introduced to the market. The importer must ensure that the manufacturer performs the necessary conformity assessment procedure, edits the technical file, attaches a CE mark to the product and provides the necessary documentation with the product. The technical file should include a list of standards that are fully or partially applied to the device, a list of other relevant technical regulations applied where standards are not applied, descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the basic requirements of this regulation, and parts of which partially implemented standards are applied. The results of the design calculations, the examinations carried out and the test reports should also be included in the technical file.

The Q&A section of all presentations has been moved on. T.c. Ministry of Industry and Technology General Directorate of Metrology and Industrial Product Safety, Head of Electrical and Energy Department Mr. M. Omer Faruk Sönmez contributed to the questions of the participants.


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