Lighting in the Health Sector


Torsten Hegener -LEDVANCE Sectoral Application Manager – Health, DACH and Business Development Manager, VAM AB

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics must now focus much more intensively on the needs of their patients. Innovative OSRAM lighting solutions offered by LEDVANCE; it can help you become a world-class healthcare company by significantly improving performance and appearance in these facilities.

Nothing can replace quality light. Doctors use light for treatment. Hospital staff perform their duties under lights. The elderly see better through the light. Light is used in patient therapy. Light is necessary to regenerate your soul. The same is true for a thorough understanding of the difference between day and night. Light is necessary to maintain your mind and hormone levels. Quality light is an indispensable part of life.

Custom solution for each application area

Carefully selected lighting solutions enable the creation of an environment that calms people and reassures them. Light can only have a good effect on this.

Hospital lighting

The need for lighting in hospitals is great. The right light should be used in every application area; precisely the desired quality must be ensured in order to provide a reliable, energy-efficient and low-maintenance solution.

Quality light is beneficial to health.

The lighting requirements of hospitals are as wide as the missions of these institutions: lighting in patient rooms should affect health for the better. The needs of doctors and hospital staff should be taken into account in operating rooms, treatment areas and laboratories. Optimum lighting should also be ensured in waiting rooms, outdoor areas and executive offices. Parameters that are always taken into account for hospital lighting; light quality, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and complete compliance with a specific task.

Nursing home and nursing home lighting

Safety and well-being

Safety and visibility are the most important elements of nursing homes, nursing homes and rehabilitation clinics in lighting. The emotional role of light is also extremely important: Nursing home residents can feel at home and comfortable thanks to lighting. Lighting in rehabilitation clinics contributes to the healing process.

A clear, reflectionless environment can be created for safety, indirect lighting can be used for a pleasant environment,

for friendly and comfortable weather, colorful light arrays can be used.

"Difficulties awaiting doctors' offices, hospitals and nursing homes; increasing costs, new technologies and treatment methods, increasing demand for patients and the high number of elderly. As a result, accurate lighting can help you get ahead in the competition!"

Torsten Hegener – Sectoral Application Manager – Health, DACH and Business Development Manager, VAM AB

Light brings happiness

Positive effect on biological clock

Thanks to the light, we can see around us in the dark. That's the biggest task artificial light has today. However, according to recent research, sunlight also controls our biological clock, and light has a great effect on the sense of well-being. LEDVANCE's modern lighting systems can help you increase your concentration, performance and quality of life by enabling you to take advantage of this effect of light.

Office lighting

Bright light for diagnosis, dim light for peace

Light is more than brightness. Especially in the offices, there are needs that the light must meet and tasks to perform.

Two aspects of lighting are especially considered in the offices: the optimum working light to help doctors and office workers, and the light that will have a positive emotional effect on patients.


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