There will be three priorities in the new era of energy


Assessing the ministry's work and priorities in the new period, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez said that a faster and more efficient service process was aimed with the Presidential System of Government and that "a new dress was sewn" into the state system…

He stated that everything will be seen more clearly with the completion of the process, and reminded that there have been some changes within the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.
In this context, he said, the General Directorate of Renewable Energy is integrated with the General Directorate of Energy Affairs, and the main issues such as renewable energy and energy efficiency are integrated with the security of supply and energy policies.
Stating that they also merged the General Directorate of Mining Affairs and the General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs, Dönmez said: "We have combined these two general directorates in the field of mines and hydrocarbons, which concern the underground rights of the state and in a sense we give our concessions, as the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs (MAPEG). We plan to provide a more compatible system for the investor in the medium term in underground resources. With the General Directorate of Nuclear Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority, we have also taken the institutional structure of nuclear to an advanced stage. We aimed to increase efficiency with the merger of Electricity Generation INC and Turkey Electricity Trade and Contracting INC. In addition, with the Institute of Rare Earth Elements, we have started to fill a very strategic area for our country. Therefore, with the current changes, we are undergoing a structural change that reflects the spirit of the time and will allow us to carry out our National Energy and Mining Policy faster. In order to manage this structural change, we have a team that is well known to the sector, experienced, experienced, has been on both sides of the table and knows the problems. Our most important task is to work hard."

"The continuity of investments and investors is very important"

"These are financial sustainability, political sustainability and participation, but we can increase these priorities depending on time and conditions. For us, investment sustainability is the main goal. All domestic and foreign investors who have relied on And invested in Turkey are our investors."
Noting that the lack of energy supply security problems in Turkey today is thanks to investors who have put their hands up, Dönmez said:
"The continuity of investments and investors is very important. Obviously, that's the basis of trust in the market. We will continue our National Energy and Mining policy in terms of political sustainability. In other words, R&D, technology, nuclear, domesticity, domestic and renewable resources will be important to us. Our objectives of security of supply and a predictable market structure will continue in the same way. Corporate structures will be matured. The guarantee of the free market will continue to be important to us as an independent Energy Market Regulatory Authority."

First consumer-oriented conference

Stating that they will continue to meet with the stakeholders of the sector with their meetings in the new period, Dönmez said, "We plan to organize an 'Energy Consumer Conference' for the first time in the sector in the autumn. At the point of participation, you will see more of us together with both the employees of our Ministry and the sector."
He said the current timetable and process will be maintained in the Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA) tenders.
He stated that the tender for the Meadowhan field, which was held about two years ago by auction method over kilowatt hours, was an important step.
"In this context, we have a target of 5,000 megawatts. Domestic coal is very important to us and we will continue to care about this issue. The employment it creates, the substitute for imports and the regional benefits are very high. We make sure that these plants work in a friendly manner with the environment. Otherwise, there's no type of production that doesn't have an environmental impact. The sun, the wind, whatever the cleanest energy source comes to mind, it has an impact on the environment in which they are located. This effect is dramatic for some, less so than for others. Both the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, us and local governments pay the utmost attention to these sensitivities."


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