SYLVANIA Says Safety First in Lighting



Sylvania has launched a wide range of high-efficiency LED emergency lighting fixtures for use in many applications, including retail, office, logistics and industrial environments. SylSafe is designed to guide emergency crews, residents, employees and visitors in the event of an evacuation and highlight the location of safety equipment.

Compatible with the European standard EN 1838: 2013 for emergency lighting, the SylSafe series has many versions, including emergency lighting, guidance for escape route marking, high ceiling emergency lighting fixture for high ceiling industrial applications and remote emergency monitoring system.

Fixtures in the SylSafe series can provide safe emergency lighting for 3 hours when the power is cut off. All products comply with EN 50172 and BS: EN 60234 standards and can be monitored remotely thanks to their innovative features.

Kemal Mothr, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sylvania Turkey, states that emergency lighting fixtures are very important for safety and state that they are vital for a safe working environment: "The critical feature of the use of such fixtures requires that they be reliable, fit for purpose and comply with the necessary standards. The problem is that despite the legal requirement to protect not only installation but also emergency lighting, inadequate emergency lighting continues to cause concern in the industry."

"It is unacceptable not to make emergency lighting according to the regulations. Accordingly, the availability of the SylSafe product range provides an ideal opportunity for change. What's more, LOGIC, together with our smart financing solution, now is the time to review and renew your emergency lighting."

SylSafe Spotlights, which are produced with recessed, plastered and rail mounted options, are fixtures used in emergency lighting areas such as corridors, in high-risk areas such as fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment. Built on plaster, the SylSafe Twin Spot is designed for large areas and high ceiling applications.

The SylSafe Exit series has built-in, plastered or rail mounting options. All SylSafe Output plates come with ISO7010 compatible legion packs, which are also available as accessories. EX versions can also be purchased with an accessory that allows for an angled installation.

SylSafe Bay with IP65 protection class provides ease of mounting to the desired height at 5 different angles and is the most suitable emergency fixture for high ceiling industrial applications

SylSafe N-Light, the innovative emergency monitoring system in the series, collects real-time data from all emergency lighting equipment connected to the system with the standard DALI protocol. SylSafe N-Light works in isolation with an intuitive touchscreen interface. In addition, it includes long-lasting replacement batteries that ensure that power outages do not affect the performance of the system.



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