Building Fair Is 50% State Incentive This Year


Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which is the largest fair in the region and the fifth largest in the world, will open its doors for the 42nd time between 18-22 June this year. 

Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which is the only fair in Turkey that has benefited from the possibility of state incentives in the building sector for the last 3 years and received 50% state incentives this year, will welcome participants in the field of construction materials and technologies.

The fair, which has been the stage for many principles for the sector over the years, continues to make a very important contribution to both the sector and the country's economy.The building, construction materials and technologies fair, which is the largest in the wider region covering the Balkans, CIS countries, Middle East and North Africa and is in the top 5 in the world, will welcome visitors at the Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, Tuyap Fair and Convention Center.

Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul, which has created added value in turkey's locomotive sector for 42 years, offers new business opportunities and allows sectoral information sharing with its rich contents every year and opens new horizons for its participants, continues to offer additional value to the country's economy. This year, the 2019 agendas of the construction and materials sector will be discussed in sessions spanning 5 days in the triangle of "Export, Renovation and Technology". The meeting, which is projected to be traditionalized with the platform offered by The Building Fair – Turkeybuild Istanbul every year, will aim to evaluate the material, construction, economy and planning perspectives of the year spent by the sector, discuss future projections, give messages from the first day of the fair and raise topics that focus on local government and state policies.

Last year, the Building Fair – Turkeybuild 2018, which featured 30 events and 93 expert speakers, resulted in a 26 percent increase in the number of international visitors from 101 countries. More than 11,000 international visitors are expected to attend the fair, which is hosting more than 7,000 international visitors this year.

Aiming to eliminate the stagnation in the domestic market with professional buyers brought from abroad and to be the right address for export in the sector, the fair will carry out the Purchasing Delegation Programs as it does every year. T.C Ministry of Commerce, Chambers of Commerce and Associations will be organized in cooperation with germany, Iran, USA, Iraq, Uk, Israel, Algeria, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia K.K.T.C, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Spain, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Norway, Morocco, Austria, Macedonia, Pakistan, Albania, Serbia, Italy, B.A.E, France, Romania, More than 500 foreign buyers from countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands will meet with participants and more than 200 domestic buyers from Turkey.


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