Tunceli Streets Are Now Isil…


Tunceli Municipality, which was appointed a trustee in 2016, has been developing greatly since then. With the realization of many projects, there is a big change in social life.

With the lighting of the streets carried out by vural lighting, Tunceli added a different visuality to its nights. The streets were bright with energy-saving LED products designed in accordance with the structure of the city with decorative products.


Leader in VRL Lighting region,

Electric power; It was founded in 1988 as a family company in Diyarbakir and since 2005 it has become a corporate brand, making its own designs for chandelier production and becoming the first brand that comes to mind in Diyarbakir and southeastern Anatolia region.

The company, which carries out electrical and contracting works, established an LED factory to serve in a closed area of 3,000 m2 in 2015, thinking that led production in the future would have a significant market share.

The company's primary goal in the short term is to reach more market share by moving to mass production of LED and LED products and to become a national brand in addition to being a local brand. The company aims to have a say in international markets by increasing its brand value day by day and giving importance to domestic and national production.

VRL Building Lighting products, panel, LED, crystal spots, garden lighting with LED, projector group, wallwashers are among their productions. In addition, it operates in DIYYARBAKIR with chandelier store chains in Peraken.

At the same time, it provides services to more than 500 organizations in the supply and construction of materials of official institutions and special projects with its own employees and product range.

VRL Lighting target Foreign Markets

Vrl Building Lighting; With its approach that prioritizes customer and employee satisfaction, it is taking serious steps towards having a say in both domestic and foreign markets in its province.

Vrl Building Lighting is currently trying to make the high market share in the Middle East effective in Asian and European countries…



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