With modern Italian design, the ideal solution for outdoor lighting: Goccia Cantharellus


Named after a mushroom species abundant in forests with dense deciduous trees, Italy's New Series Cantharellus offers a unique solution for lighting outdoors with its functional form and aesthetic design.  With its mushroom-shaped form, the CANTHARELLUS series, which prevents upward light loss and provides homogeneous 360° distribution of light to desired points, allows for pleasant, comfortable and safe times in the garden and walking paths.

The curved form of the hood prevents the accumulation of water that may occur on rainy days, while it also maximizes visual comfort thanks to the transparent, tempered glass on the exterior and the anti-glare aluminum diffuser on the inside.

The series, which is made of first-class aluminum alloy, is available in two heads and three different size poles. For best performance in lighting, it is recommended to use the 150mm diameter head on 375mm and the 200mm head on poles 800 or 1875mm tall. In addition, the head can be adapted to standard 60mm poles via the special connection apparatus.

CANTHARELLUS offers an optimal solution in terms of light effect and efficiency thanks to the 1,000 and 2,000 lumens of performance captured with the next generation of LED chips.

With the CANTHARELLUS series, it is recommended to place the product 6 meters apart, 8 meters for 800mm and 12 meters for 1,875mm if 375mm poles are used for ideal light distribution.

Thanks to the IP 65 and IK10 protection level, the CANTHARELLUS series can withstand even the harshest weather conditions or impacts for many years to come.

CANTHARELLUS, the new series of Goccia, which LAMP 83 has been a distributor in Turkey for a very long time, is at your service with its Italian design, functionality and different light effects in outdoor lighting…


CANTHARELLUS product family; can be used in areas such as landscaping applications, gardens, parks, corridors, walking paths.

Key Features:

  • Three different title and body options
  • LED power from 10 to 20W
  • LED light flux from 1000 to 2,000 lm
  • 3000K-4000K LED light source with a life of 000 hours
  • IP65 & IK10 protection class
  • Anti-glare aluminum diffuser


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