"BiPie" is the new member of the AIMTECH Pixel-controlled luminaire family

AIMTECH, which designs and manufactures world-class quality in the fields of electronic design and LED Technologies, has added a new one to its pixel-controlled luminaire product line…
iPie is a high-power point LED fixture that can change color. Designed to create low-resolution and large-scale image walls.
BiPie, which can also be used in decorative lighting applications, offers a homogeneous radiation independently in terms of monitoring thanks to its polycarbonate diffuser structure.
BiPie has an inlet and output IP67 connector structure. The sequential pixel distance is provided by project-specific IP67 connector interconnect cables.
BiPie; it is produced in two different types, controllable and fixed color. Uncontrolled fixed color fixtures operate under 24VDC voltage with an external power supply. Controllable
fixtures can be controlled via the DMX512 system with an external power supply and control units located in the fixture.Power and data transmission is done with a single cable and
up to the fixture can be connected.
BiPie has a mechanical body suitable for IP67 dust and water protection class and is made of UV-resistant materials.


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