Recently, the star-studded wire lighting products in the field of decorative lighting now range from cafes to our offices, shops to hotels, shopping malls to the halls of our homes. It has become preferred both in terms of cost-effectiveness and price affordability for the end user. It is a very useful decorative lighting product that we can design in the desired color and way and use it in different combinations only by changing the light bulb.

The wire stalactites that come out of Cnc wire bend looms and have tremendous craftsmanship behind them contain more craftsmanship and manual labor than material. These products, which we have seen and liked in many lighting stores, actually contain many hand-to-hand processes, time and effort until they leave manufacturing and take their place in the stores. It starts with design, the story of wire hanging. The wires designed in a computer environment are first bent on cnc wire bending looms. It is then welded into the circles one by one and subjected to the third stage of painting to be painted in a selected color. Here, our painted and baked pendant is introduced to the assembly stage to collect the cable and installation. Now our wire pendant is ready for the end user.

Whether in public places, hotel rooms or offices, wire stalactites that we can use with peace of mind are extremely pleasing products for users when it comes to price performance. The most important factor that visually complements these stalactites are the hats and rustic bulbs used in the stalactites. They are rustic bulbs that manifest themselves mostly in dim environments, varying according to the environment in which they are located, but have a yellow-orange color temperature from 3000 Kelvin to amber color. The room lighting options of the hotels are usually in favor of in-wire hat lighting. Around here, he prefers wire models with hats rather than rustic bulbs. The reason is that they want to provide a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin and above, which provides a brighter environment than a dim environment. In this, the preference is for wire lighting with hats.

We shouldn't just think of wire lighting as stalactites. Lampshade and lambader options are also available, but can be preferred as a team. Wire lighting, which is preferred as a team especially in hotel rooms, provides a modern environment and elegant and stylish lighting. Recently, it seems that wire lighting will be trending even longer, providing both economical and healthy lighting.


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