40 Requests from TIM, 40 Jet Solutions from the State


In order to support Turkey's fight against the coronavirus, together with its 61 exporters' associations, "We have produced it for our exports so far. Now we produce for our health", the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), which initiated a mask and disinfectant production campaign, supported exporters with 40 solution proposals that were met in the Economic Stability Shield Package.

Tim President Ismail Gulle: "Our priority is the future of Turkey during this difficult time as a country. In order to pave the way for our exporters, we instantly conveyed all the problems and demands reported from our exporters' associations, sectoral associations and companies to the ministries related to Our Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan, Our Minister of Treasury and Finance Berat Albayrak. Of these, 40 were reciprocated. We continue to support our exporters 24/7 with our AloTİm application. In order to meet the needs of our health workers and to overcome the current supply shortage, we work day and night and deliver them to the Ministry of Health within the scope of mask and disinfectant production mobilization that we have started with many large apparel, chemistry, textile companies. We have exceeded the daily production capacity of 15 million masks in a short time in the mobilization we started with a daily production target of 1 million."

"We showed the world our production power"

Reminding that aid from Turkey has gone to countries that are affected by the epidemic as much as meeting their domestic needs and have problems with the supply of masks and disinfectants, Tim President Gülle said, "On the orders of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, masks, overalls and health supplies were provided to The United Kingdom, America, Italy, Spain, China, Serbia, Iran and some African countries. In addition, we have provided masks and disinfectants to China, Italy and Spain with our Ministry of Commerce. The assistance provided under the leadership of our president once again showed the world that Turkey is a country that produces reliable and healthy and can maintain its supply chain under all conditions. In the coming period, this capability will create a good reference for the development of our exports and will add a very important value to the Turkish brand."


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