Led Fixtures will be given Conformity Approval


It is planned to observe the long-term operating and efficiency performance of these fixtures in practice with pilot applications to be carried out under different operating conditions before the complete transition to the use of LED lighting fixtures and to determine the next roadmap according to the results to be obtained.

Therefore, pilot projecting and plant application will be carried out to use at least 1000 LED fixtures from the new lighting projects within the scope of the investments of electricity distribution companies in 2020. The selected new projects will cover the M1-M2-M3-M4 lighting road classes and will be selected from regions of the distribution network with different characteristics (temperature, height, humidity, salinity, mains conditions, etc.) in terms of geographical and operating conditions.

In these pilot projects, first of all, those who have been approved for conformity to the specification from the LED fixtures of the manufacturers who have applied until 28.02.2020 will be used.

For this purpose, the "Procedures and Principles for The Approval of LED Fixtures" approved by the decision of our Board of Directors dated 20.03.2019 and numbered 6-184 were published on our website under the heading Information Center-Legislation-Procedures and Principles-TEDAŞ and the approval of compliance with the specifications for led fixtures was started. Manufacturer companies should prepare the application files according to the relevant procedures and principles and apply to our General Directorate.

To give approval of compliance with the specification to luminaires with LEDs;

Specification conformity approval service fee for each type of fixture submitted for approval6.040.00 TL
Unit service fee for each type of fixture for the additional fixture class*604.00 TL
* : If eligibility approval is requested for more than one fixture class in the same fixture, the price to be charged for each additional fixture class approval
NOTES:1-There is no need to sign a "Service Sales Agreement" for the services on this list.2-The General Directorate Authority is authorized in case of hesitation in the implementation of the Service Sales Fees determined by the Board of Directors.3-All service fees are taken in advance during the application.4-The service fees in force at the date of application are taken as the basis for determining the service fees for the conformity approval of the specification.5-The returned specification conformity approval files are based on the service fees in force at the time of application. if reapplying for approval, the first two return applications will be charged an additional fee of 50% of the initial approval price.6-In the approvals for the suitability of the LED fixture and electronic electricity meter, the third application for the same fixture or meter type is considered as a new application.

1. LED Light Sourced Road Lighting Fixtures Technical Specification2
. Procedures and Principles
regarding Led Road Lighting Design3. Procedures and Principles for Approval of LED Fixtures


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