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Yavuz Lighting completed the investment of the Lighting Laboratory with its own capital to develop and test lighting products in the production facilities located in Gaziosmanpasa, Istanbul.

Founded in 1993 on the manufacture of Decorative Lighting parts, Yavuz Metal completed its investment in Technical Lighting products in 2015 and started its production life as Yavuz Lighting.

With 27 years of experience, it continues its service based on customer satisfaction rather than product sales by bringing its superior service approach to the forefront without sacrificing quality in the lighting sector since its establishment. With quality manufacturing, timely delivery, technological products, scientific and systematic work, after-sales support service, efficiency and continuity, it continues its activities to become a different institution within the sector.
Today, manufacturing speeds reaching high levels, LED technology, engineering and management perspectives are used in the most effective way by following new trends and technology closely.

Yavuz Lighting has taken the first steps of its product portfolio change with its lighting laboratory investment. Yavuz Lighting, which has also started accreditation studies, aims to carry out CE conformity tests of its products with international validity in its own right. EN 60598-1 lighting fixtures can perform electromagnetic broadcasting standard tests of EN 55015 lighting devices with safety standard. It removes the light distribution curves of the fixtures produced with the gonyofotometry device in the production and design process and measures the total lumen and dazzle values. With its spheres with a diameter of 1.5 meters and 30 cm, it measures and controls CCT, CRI, chromacity and color ratios at every stage from the LED and production to the product coming out of production.

Yavuz Lighting, which incorporates the lighting laboratory, takes its production philosophy, which does not compromise on quality, one step further and controls its own brand and productions to its customers more efficiently, quickly and reliably. Yavuz Lighting, which provides production to global brands of the world and Turkey, continues to make a name for itself every day.

In this direction, the machine marker in the Yavuz Lighting production line, which produces led lighting product groups domestically and nationally;
•PCB production line
•SMD string line
•Aluminum metal injection
•LGP production and sizing
•CNC laser cutting and bending
•Eccentric press line
•Welding and polishing line
•Electrostatic powder coating line
•Automatic product aging line

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